Almost One Year

May 1st will mark the one year anniversary of living in my new place.  I guess after one year I can’t call it new anymore.  But it’s causing all kinds of reflections.  I spend a lot of time worried about my current self.  I’m stressed at work (in a good ‘there’s lots of work and I love it’ way).  My health seems to not always been my main focus.  My weight is a little stubborn, mostly because I’ve failed to keep up any kind of regular exercise, especially with my long work hours.  But in about 15 days, I will hit another landmark.  Living fully on my own for one full year!  Yay me!  I was so excited about it when it first came about, and even more-so when it started to happen.  I had all these plans and goals.  Have I hit any of them?

I used to dream of having my own apartment.  A tiny little bachelor suite I could be artistic with and make my own.  I look around my cute little apartment today and realize I achieved that in a big way.  I found an affordable place bigger than I expected, and I’ve decorated it to make it mine.  I mean seriously I love every corner of it.  I love the pink accents, the side tables I painted, the hutch my Nana left me that used to be ugly that I spent months sanding and re-finishing.  My picture frames on the wall, my candelabra my mom bought for my birthday, the birdcage my best friend gave me.  When I look around my apartment, I see myself everywhere and I love it.

My second goal was to live a certain lifestyle.  I’ve both succeeded and failed.  I have my routine that I love, but there are parts, like meeting my neighbours, that I never accomplished.  I suppose I want a ‘Friends’ style existence where I have people I love close-by that come and hang out, or I go over to them.  My friends are a little spread out, which is totally fine, but sometimes it’s easier to sit at home than go see them.  But one thing I have done is learned and loved my Continue reading


Home Grown

My mom told me a few weeks ago that she was going to grow vegetables in her garden this year.  I thought that sounded great!  And maybe I might steal a few when I visit 🙂

I came out again for easter weekend, and holy crap!  This is not going to be a little garden!  She’s turned her entire from yard in to five massive garden beds!  Forget about maybe getting a few veggies, she’s going to feed me the entire summer with what they have planned.

She’s all about the garden veggies now, and she has all these ideas of how I can do the same in my apartment.  She has rain gutters cleaned that I can apparently zap strap on my balcony railing to grow short root veggies like lettuce.  I can’t wait to see what comes out of this garden.  There plans include all kinds of leafy greens, root veggies, rhubarb, green beans, tomatoes and all the herbs you could want!

Take My Breath Away

A few weeks ago, a colleague at work wanted me to do an exercise in noticing the beauty of the world.  She said it’ll help you look up and notice the things all around you, and you’re see that the only reason things seem ugly is because you’re not looking at the beauty.  She asked me to go out into the world and take ten photo’s of things that take my breath away.

I have to admit, first I was totally unable to do so.  I think of ‘take my breath away’ as a song from top gun, and the truly epic wonders of the world.  I mean The Grand Canyon and The Colluseom in Rome.  I was looking around and could find maybe one thing that felt that epic to me, and I couldn’t figure out how to get a shot good enough to show it.

My colleague rolled her eyes at me and said I take things too seriously.  Something could take your breath away if you look at it and think ‘wow’, even in a small, insignificant way.  If you look at something and feel it’s beautiful, take a picture.

I realized that I was taking this way too seriously.  The point was to see the small things around me and find beauty in everything, and see if you have find a theme or trend.

So I went out again, this time with a new perspective.  I didn’t get the pictures all at once, but over a few days, I did end up with a collection of ten photo’s that I’ve compiled for this list.  A few appeared in my daily photo challenge, but some I kept for this.


I encourage you to do this as well.  It was a strange experience, but it did open my eyes to the world around me, and helped me see beauty when I felt things were ugly in life.

Daily Photo Challenge: Day Seven

This was the last day of my photo challenge goal.  I wanted to do a full week of seven days.  So here it is.  My Friday summed up in a photo.  Needless to say, it was a super late night, but a good one.  Clear night, friends, and a beautiful walk home.  I walk if I’ve had a few drinks.  I never, and I mean NEVER, get in my car even if I feel like I could.  It’s just not worth it.Night Photography

Daily Photo Challenge: Day Five

It’s hard to represent your entire day in a single photo, especially if the day hasn’t finished yet.  I find that I end up taking ten pictures, and at the end of the day I choose one based on how that day went.  Today I chose two, because it was sort of a mellow, grey day that felt oddly artistic, and both of the photo’s simply ‘feel’ like today felt.


Daily Photo Challenge: Day Four

It’s finally a sunny day, and I walked with a colleague to Granville Island for some fun in the sun.  There’s nothing like having to take your coat off because it’s too warm!  This photo is also going in the collection of ‘things that take my breath away’.  I’ll explain what that is in another post.  Stay tuned!

Granville Island