Crest Whitening Strips

Crest WhitestripsLately I’ve been trying to put a little effort into my appearance.  I tend to throw on what’s most comfortable.  I always look put together, but never like I really care.  I’m in a position now where I want to look… powerful.  I own my own company and our branding relies on me, so I don’t want to forgot the way my physical appearance affects my clients and colleagues.

Because it’s been awhile since I actually took time to look at myself and see what I can improve, it was a strange few days.  I always keep myself clean and as healthy as possible, but I’m not big on image improvement just for the sake of image improvement.  I was a little stuck.  I didn’t want to just blindly spend money on products.  So I had a look at the people I admire on social media and other companies.  People like Ella Woodward.  Everyone has a unique image and they look effortless.  But we’ve leaned that none of it is effortless.  Everything is a strategic move for their image and company.

What does my image say?  I quickly snapped my own picture, just a simple selfie.  If I saw this on my newsfeed, what would I say?  How would I judge it?

1.) Roots!!  I have to do my hair again 😦  Oh man, that really sneaks up on me every time!  I have to start coming up with a system or something to get it done.

2.) I look a little tired.  Well that’s something more sleep or a tiny bit of photoshop could fix.

3.) My teeth could be whiter.  Hey!  I can fix that!!

So I started there.  Hair and teeth.  Let’s do those two things and see where we are.  But I’ve never actually whitened my teeth before.  Once at the dentist they offered a free teeth-whitening for new clients, and I got that.  It was great!  I mean absolutely painful, but I walked out with whiter teeth.  But who can spend that kind of money on teeth whitening?

I went to the drug store and stood in front of the line of teeth-whitening products for awhile not sure what to pick.  One hour, 12 day, vivid white, bleach… I had to pull out my phone to do some quick research.  I decided on the 12 day vivid white crest strips.  You use them every day (or every couple of days) for 30 minutes a night.  A figure it was a good start because I could stop if I thought they were white enough.

First night, my teeth felt cleaner and looked… a little whiter I think.  Day two, same.  Day three, same.  I thought I wasn’t really seeing much progress, that is until I compared it to that first day.

The difference wasn’t extreme, but my teeth suddenly looked clean and white.  A little yellow around the gums.  This was over only four uses!!  Six uses, even better!  Eight uses.  Wow!  I have a few strips left and I love to look in the mirror.

I’ve always been afraid to end up looking like Ross from FRIENDS.  If you haven’t seen that episode, youtube it immediatly!!  He leaves it on for way to long and ends up with teeth so white that it’s alarming.  But I ended up with nice, clean white teeth that looks natural.  I’m not talking about hollywood white teeth, but for me, a few shades whiter, I felt good.

I give my nod of approval to Crest Vivid White strips.  My only things would be that putting them on every night is sort of a pain.  Is it a big deal?  No.  But I would skip a night if it was too late or if I was going out.  And I started worrying about the beats in my morning juice or my morning coffee.  I suppose that’s like everyone trying to keep white teeth.  But you just try and make me give up coffee!!!

If you’ve never used teeth whitening products before try these.  And if you decide to go to the dentists be prepared!! My gums hurt during, after and for a few days they were soooooo sensitive.  I mean my teeth looked great, but it was defeintly pain for beauty :S


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