My Face is a Roadmap

Sugar AddictionSince I was a teenager, I’ve worn everything on my face.  I mean that it a few different ways, but today I mean in terms of pimples and acne.  It took me years to figure out that what I put in my body, and how I treated myself, directly contributed to how much makeup I would need to wear to cover blemishes.

In the last two years, I have conquered the chaos that was my face.  Into my late 20’s I was still getting pimples and I was starting to give up on ever being clear-skinned.  But then my life turned around and I figured out how to rid myself of the ugly red spots for good!  How?  I found my triggers.  Mainly they are sugar and dairy.  I learned to deal with stress in a natural way without binge eating, and I studied hormones to slowly start to repair my imbalances.  I figured out an all natural cleaning regime using jojoba or coconut oils instead of chemical moisturizers.  After these steps, I officially became a person who can walk outside without makeup and look clear and fresh!

These last two months have been total chaos.  One day I looked in the mirror and I just knew I needed to start focusing on me again.  The stress of starting a new business and opening new offices was taking its toll.  I was stress eating, binging and forgetting to take care of myself.  My entire chin and jawline felt like sandpaper.  I’ve never been this bad!  I’d fallen off the healthy wagon hard and my face was exposing it to the world.

Determined to turn it around, I did a quick google search on the areas I was seeing the most problem.  The main causes?  Stress, sugar, eating before bed and hormones.  Bam.  The first four were like yup, yup, yup and yup.  In that moment, I stopped the horrible habits cold turkey.  My main focus was to clear up my face naturally again.

Sugar be gone!  Dairy went back to small amounts.  I went back on the pill and started walking and doing soft meditation to deal with the stress.  One week later I’m seeing visible differences.  Mainly there’s nothing new popping up!  I’ve carefully exfoliated with baking soda and found a good clay mask for my nightly wind-downs.  I drink water until I pee every five minutes.  I’ve borrowed my sisters juicer so I can basically inject myself with green veggies.   One week and oh what a difference.  

I’d like to point out that the one thing steered clear of was over-doing products.  My cleaning regime works.  I’ve used it for two years and until now I’ve had wonderful skin.  I didn’t go out and buy a bunch of expensive products to clear things up.  Instead, I focused on myself and my health.  I know my body sheds toxins by throwing them all up onto my face.  Your body tells you when there’s something wrong or imbalanced in so many different ways.  You have to listen to it.  I’ve read hundreds of articles on cravings and what they mean, and I’ve learned that it’s never what you think.  Craving sugar?  Have some protein.  Craving food?  You’re probably thirsty.  Does your face have pimples suddenly?  Google the area of your face and figure out what the causes are.

My body has been telling me all kinds of things the last few weeks.  I haven’t been going to the bathroom regularly because my diet is bad.  My eye was twitching because I was tired and dehydrated.  I was getting anxiety because of all the sugar I was ingesting.  I had headaches because I was eating mostly chemicals.  All my ailments including beauty ones were because of what I was failing at; taking care of myself.

If my skin can look this much better after a week, in two weeks it’ll be almost back to normal.  In three, it’ll be totally clear.  In four, I’ll be back to feeling great and now caring about wearing make-up on weekends!  Stop buying products and listen to your body!!


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