October Goal

OctoberSeptember has been a difficult month and I’ve allowed things like health and energy to get away from me again.  This past weekend I realized I was back to feeling sluggish and a little irritable.  But instead of focusing on what I failed to do in Septemeber, I’ve decided to focus on October and make it my month to succeed!

I’ve learned through time and failure that I’m not good at following things to the absolute dot.  Instead, I come up with general goals that I know will make me feel fantastic and push me to keep going.  That way I start succeeding right away instead of feeling failure at every turn.  If my goal is to eat mostly vegan and today I ate completely vegan, then I had a major success today!  If one day I eat some meat, then I haven’t fully fallen off the wagon, and my month goal isn’t already defeated.

With that in mind, here are my general goals.

I’m going back to almost full Vegan.  I’ve been eating roughly 80-90% Vegan most of the summer, but September took me back to around 60% .  I’m bumping that number up to 90% for the rest of the month!  (We had an early thanksgiving this year so I’ve already done turkey and stuffing!).  I’m re-focusing on my water intake once more.  Water for me is the one thing that is the first to drop off the side.  I’m going to limit my gluten and stick to whole grains.  And last but not least, walking.  I’m not going to make big lofty goals about exercise.  Instead, I’m going to say I want to walk in this beautiful fall weather as much as I can.

I started writing out in my brand new journal exactly what my goals were.  Right away I realized that I was writing ‘no’ way too much.  No sugar, no candy, no chips, no… it’s a very negative list!  I think the first step towards failure is setting it up to be deprivation.  So I quickly tore out that page and started again.  I will not use the word ‘no’ at all in this list!

1.) Water! Water! Water!

2.) Only healthy sugars to keep energy flowing smoothly.  You know how bad you feel after a handful of candy!

3.) Whole grains and fibre rich carbs to keep me full and on goal!

4.) Let’s hit the sack! 7 hours of zzzz’s per night.

5.) Stretch and relax every day for mind and body.

6.) Enjoy this beautiful fall as much as possible.  Get out those walking shoes!

To me, this list is so much fun.  I can’t wait to go for a walk, crawl into bed at night or feel limber and relaxed.  The only ‘rules words’ or ‘only’ and a few ‘!’.  It’s a list of inspiration, not deprivation.  It’s so important to set yourself up for success rather than creating a tiny little box you need to work too hard to fit into.

What are your inspiration goals for October??  Can you re-write them so they feel fun instead of depriving?


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