First Binge Day


Almost five weeks now of consistently eating well and suddenly yesterday I had my first crazy cravings and binge day!  Part of me says ‘congrats on making it so long!’ and another part things ‘damn, I’d done so well’.  The night before I went out with my boss to an industry event.  Nothing too exciting happened, but when I got home at nine I was hungry.  I quickly baked some potato wedges to curb the hunger, and shortly after went too bed.

About an hour later I woke up and was violently sick.  I mean yuck!!  For sure I thought I had food poisoning or something.  But it didn’t last very long, and I almost immediately felt better afterwards.  I wasn’t up long and slept through the night just fine.  The next day I was worried about it, but nothing ever really came of it.  I had a gentle smoothie for breakfast, and a zucchini crust pizza for lunch.  But I was craving hard.  I believe in listening to your cravings, and my cravings were telling me to eat meat.  As I have none in the house, I had to go out.  Unfortunately the closest thing to me is KFC.  I got a few chicken strips (no fries or any additives, just the strips).  I ate them and hoped it would curb the craving and for dinner I’d have something super light.  But an hour later I was craving so badly I couldn’t sit still.  I mean I haven’t had cravings like this since my candy addiction days!!  And the only thing I wanted was pizza.

I didn’t want to order a whole pizza for myself so instead I went to the really nice place down the street and got a small stone oven pizza with some good toppings.  It wasn’t the worst thing I could have in the world.  Made with real organic ingredients and really high quality cheese.  I ate the whole thing and afterwards I had to fight the cravings for a sugar binge!!  I went to be still thinking about stuffing myself to the brim with as much cheese covered, carb heavy, deep fried foods I could get my hands on!

This totally took me off guard.  I went to bed feeling a little bloated for the first time in weeks.  What had happened?  Is it because I’d been sick the night before?  Or was my body finally telling me that I’m missing something?  Five weeks and I’d thought cravings were a thing of the past! 

When I first started this healthy eating kick I was eating really quite a bit of food.  I was afraid of starving myself so I always made sure I had super healthy food to snack on.  In my mind I figured if it was a veggie it was ‘free’ and I could eat as much as I wanted.  As things kept going, I started eating less.  I used to make these full meals full of veggies and I was losing weight pretty quickly.  As I started to lose, I became more and more focused on it.  The more I wanted to lose, the less I ate.  I think maybe I got to a point where I wasn’t taking in enough calories.  When you’re eating 90% vegetables, sometimes you forget that the portion sizes are allowed to be big!  I looked at my meals and realized that I was dieting on top of my dieting!!

Eating healthy will take care of your body.  I was losing more eating well then I am now that I’m not eating enough.  That’s a funny lesson to learn.  Not only am I losing slower, I’m also getting back cravings and binging.

Water also plays a huge role in this.  The past week I’ve been telling myself more than once that I’m not getting enough water.   I noticed it when out of nowhere I got a pimple.  My face has been clear since this started.  Now my skin seemed a little dry and I was waking up thirsty in the morning.  Water is one of the most important things to keep your body functioning normally.  When you get so focused on one thing, you start to forget the reasons you started.  I did not set out to lose weight.  It was not my goal.  I have to make sure it’s never my goal.  Being healthy is the most important thing too me.  Healthy and happy.  I was springing out of bed and singing at the top of my lungs.  I felt good every single day.  Three days in a row now I haven’t felt my best.  I get frustrated now when I don’t feel my best and I’m determined to take care of it.

It starts again today.  Yesterday was a binge day.  I recognize it and I will leave it where it was.  It was a day meant to teach me a lesson on keeping on the right track.  Today I will eat a lot of healthy food and drink a ton of water.  Tomorrow I will do the same.  I bet by the third day I will feel amazing once more.

Don’t let a binge day derail you.  Let it teach you.  Why did you suddenly feel the need to binge?  I bet you anything it’s because you’ve started depriving yourself too much.  Re-adjust and make sure you eat a ton of the healthiest foods available!


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