One Month Vegan


Four weeks ago I set out to achieve a one month mostly vegan cleanse/diet.  There weren’t really any rules other than I want to complete the ‘it takes four weeks to start new habit’ trial and see what happened.  The guidelines for this were to feel as good as possible through my diet, without worrying about weigh loss, exercise or anything else.  Well it’s been four weeks and I’ve had very few slip-ups, and this is how I feel.

1.) I feel great most of the time.  I mean ‘hum while you’re showing’ good.  My energy is up and my  mood stays pretty constant through the day.  I’d say 90% of the time I feel just amazing!  What’s strange about the times I don’t feel great is that I notice them so much more.  I used to feel consistently tired so the good days stood out.  Now I feel so consistently good that the bad days stand out!!

2.) My sugar addiction is totally gone.  You’re talking to a candy addict here.  Sugar has been that thing that throws me under the bus every time I try to get healthy.  It starts with a popsicle on a hot day, and suddenly I’m spending $10 a night on five cent candies and binging while watching Netflix.  I don’t even crave sugar anymore!!  I’m so into veggies that even fruits are a secondary option.

3.) Waist shrinkage has definitely happened.  This is a funny one because we all want to lose weight, but I told myself over and over that the point of this was not to lose weight.  It’s happened naturally as a result.  I’ve definitely seen some parts of my body slim down.  My pants our looser, some of my shirts first better.  It was bound to happen with how well I’ve been eating.  It was hard at times to see some of the weight loss and not get excited and focus on it.  I had to talk myself back into focusing on the ‘being healthy’ part.

4.) Energy.  Part of my plan was not to incorporate exercise at all.  I told myself that in a month I could make a plan for exercise, but not before.  I wanted to master one thing before overloading myself with others.  What ended up happening was my new drastic increase in energy allowed me to naturally add in a few runs and go on a few hikes.  This past weekend my best friend and I went on a big hike we never would have been able to do a month ago.  I’m stronger and faster naturally now that my body is fuelled properly.  Going into month two my goal will be exercise, and instead of starting from scratch I have a really great base.

5.) Beauty.  My skin is glowing, my hair is shinny, I’ve had zero breakouts, my nails are strong… I could go on and on.  Basically my body is thanking me for all these veggies.

6.) Body Function.  No one likes to talk about the way your body is supposed to function in regards to waste, but when it’s not working properly it really sucks.  In the last month everything has worked super well for me.  Things go in, things come out and I don’t even have to think about it.  My body is ridding itself of toxins properly.  I have no flutterings, pains or worries.  My body is finally functioning normally.

7.) It wasn’t all that hard!  What’s always frightened me away from any sort of cleanse/diet is the rules, cost and work involved in maintaining it.  If it takes over most of my life to do, I will always lose steam and end up not achieving what I meant too.  So when I started this I was prepared for it to be all kinds of complicated.  It turns out that it really wasn’t.  The hard part was being prepared, but as soon as I had that working, it went pretty smoothly.  I found a few easy recipes that I ended up loving, and I always made enough for lunch the next day.  Because I liked each meal so much, I became more and more excited about trying the next one.  This kept going until it had been a few weeks and I hadn’t noticed.  I also didn’t really stress about a few minor lapses.  If I was out for friends and had a few bites of dip, who cares!!  As long as I stuck to it 90% of the time I continued feeling great!

Those are the major points after one month.  My goal was to make it a habit to eat this way, and I believe I’ve managed to do that.  We’re going to go another month and this time add in another step.  Not only will I eat 90% vegan (and mostly gluten free), I’m going to put some focus into exercise now.  I’ll start with cardio because running really is what I find most natural.  Being the soccer player I was growing up, I know how to run.  Running and weekends hikes for sure.  I’ll start riding my bike everywhere I go in the city.  When I go hang out with friends, I want to do active things with them.  Right now my goal will be to be active in some way every day.


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