Veganism and Menstruation


My flow has always sucked the life right out of me.  Can you relate ladies?  Since I was a teen I can remember being curled up in my bed breathing slowly with a hot water bottle and a bottle of whatever pills I can find within arms reach.  It’s never been a good time.  About two years ago I went on the pill and it helped a lot.  I kick myself for not starting it sooner than I did.  I always worried about how it would mess with my hormones or skin, but in the end, anything is worth it if it gets rid of that pain.

There has been another more recent change to my monthly flow that I’m excited to talk about!  You would be excited too if you had spent the better part of 15 years in monthly agony!!  I’ve been eating 90% vegan for almost a month (four more days until 1 month).  I didn’t really think about how it would affect my period, not until it suddenly did.

Without meat in my diet, a huge portion of hormones have been eliminated.  I try to buy organic whenever I can, and I’ve been slowly switching all my beauty products to natural and organic to get rid of the extra hormones and chemicals.  And on top of all this, my salt intake has plummeted because I’ve my healthy eating.

This morning I woke up a little earlier than normal and really had to use the washroom.  No big, it happens.  But I was surprised to see that I’d started my period.  I’m not usually so surprised!!  Normally I have ‘those’ warnings.  Breast tenderness for a few days, general moodiness, a high sudden craving for really salty crappy foods… I’m normally so frustrated by the time my flow hits, that I basically check out for the next week.  By the end of it I’m so exhausted by the whole ordeal it takes me days to recover.  Imagine if that was a quarter of every one of your months!!!

This time around I was surprised to find I had already started my period because not a single pre-menstrual symptom occurred!  I wasn’t even moody!!  My flow was light and easy, and was over in a few days without cramps or any significant discomfort.  Simply put, it was the easiest flow I’d ever had!!

Every time something happens it proves to me that being vegan is my true nature.  Before now no one could’ve ever convinced me that going meat free would ever work, let alone going totally free of any animal product or byproduct and also gluten free and organic.  I mean come on!  That sounds crazy even now!!  But I look forward to pure veggie days, morning green smoothies and spinach and kale salads.  Did I really need more convincing that this is the right diet for me?  No.  But take away my cramps, bloating and irritation once a month and I’d do just about anything!!



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