Camping Hacks for Vegans

vegan camping

I was worried about this past weekend.  My family had planned a camping trip. I absolutely love camping with my family.  It’s so much fun and ridiculously relaxing.  But we normally go all out with food and I was worried that it would be a strain to keep the clean vegan eating going without making my own meals.  In the end, I was over prepared!!  Here’s what I did to curb the pitfalls.

1.) Be prepared for the late night snacking.  S’mores are a staples.  I don’t have the money to go out and buy vegan versions of marshmallows and graham crackers, so instead I brought popcorn!  My family ended up eating most of mine because it was so good.  I bought corn kernels and we popped them over the fire with a little oil.  Then I drizzled some freshly melted dark chocolate over it and tossed with a little sea salt.  Talk about a delicious snack!  Just make sure the oil isn’t super fatty and use a tiny bit of dark chocolate.  Milk chocolate is just sugar.

3.) Breakfast.  My family is a fan of eggs.  Since I was a kid it’s always been about eggs in the morning.  My brother was in charge of the first breakfast and chose to make omelettes.  Instead of adding an egg to mine, he fried up a bunch of veggies with potatoes and handed it to me.  It was delicious and I was touched that he’d thought about it beforehand.  It didn’t cost him anything!  He just skipped the egg for me.

4.) I was in charge of lunch.  We like simple lunches while camping.  Mostly sandwiches.  But I don’t eat bread or meat at the moment.  For this meal I bought bread and meat for my family, and had lots of veggies.  For myself I brought some rice paper and instead had salad wraps that were delicious!  My mom had made humous for veggie dip so I put a little of that on.

5.) Munchies are hard.  Someone always brings chips to our camping trips and I looooove ketchup chips.  This one I can’t say worked well, but I pre-made some yam wedges and brought them in a bag.  They’re sweet and savoury and are a good treat, but next to an open bag of ketchup chips it was a struggle.

6.) Pack veggie packs.  I made three separate ziplock bag meals for myself with veggies and dip just in case I was hungry and there was nothing to munch on.  It was a lifesaver the first day when I hadn’t eaten since lunch and we arrived late, and had to set up and build a fire before we even started eating.  But the second day there was so much food I could eat that I didn’t need them.  I added them to the veggie pile and shared with everyone.

7.) Roasting dinner over the fire! My mom made veggie skewers to cook along with the meat they had.  They were delicious?  Roasting over the fire is a staples of camping, so much sure there’s something for you to roast.  Potato or yam wedges are the best!!

It really boils down to this.  I didn’t want to be one of those people with ‘diet restrictions’ that everyone has to prepare for, so I made sure I had things to eat just in case there was nothing for me.  But my family took into consideration what I was eating and just made sure there was an option for me without planning separate meals.  Next time we go I’m going to ask for the menu ahead of time and just bring what I would need to add.  My mooring omelette without egg (more like hash) was awesome, but next time I’ll bring some black beans to throw in for protein.  My dinner veggie skewers were delicious cooked over the fire, but also lacked protein.  Maybe pre-made falafel’s to quickly heat up over the fire?

All in all my family is supportive enough and healthy enough on their own that finding things to eat was not as hard as I thought.  In fact I was rarely left hungry or unsatisfied.

Now if I could only find a way to take my magic bullet for my morning green smoothies!!  I love those in the morning.  It’s just not the same without them 🙂  And trying to eat all those ingredients separately (like kale and ginger) without blending is just not the same.


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