Exercising as a Vegan

Quarry RockI’m heading into my third week of eating almost completely Vegan.  Almost, because I don’t look to see if every ingredient is Vegan and I don’t make things difficult when I go out for dinner with friends.  I had Sushi with a friend the other night and it was all Vegan except for the small pieces of seared Tuna.  What I mean by ‘almost’ is that I stick to a 90% plant based diet.

Something happened yesterday that I have to talk about.  I decided at the beginning that I wasn’t going to really put that much extra effort into exercising until I knew I had this eating thing down pat.  I’ve read a hundred times that it takes four weeks, or 30 days, or one month to really break a habit.  Normally when I do things I’m so motivated that I do it all at once and I burn myself out.  It’s too much too fast.  This time I want to master one thing before adding the other.

But yesterday I went for a hike with my best friend.  We like heading up into nature, so it wasn’t really supposed to be much harder than normal.  Just a friendly weekend hike to reconnect.  She’s been training for a half marathon and although she’s just starting and has a long way to go, I could tell right away that she was more energetic than usual.  When we started the hike it was clear that both of us were in a great place health wise, and even though physically we were not very conditioned, before we knew it we were powering up this hike passing people, breathing hard and feeling amazing.  I mean my endorphins were pumping, my body was strong and I just felt… powerful!  We did the whole thing in less than 40 minutes (normally about an hour).  I was thrilled!

This Vegan thing keeps taking me by surprise.  Everything I ever thought about it is totally wrong.  I thought it would be a real effort to try and keep my energy up because protein would become an issue.  But I can push harder than I’ve been able to in years!  I don’t feel like I’m starting from scratch with exercise.  I feel like I could start right now and jump ten steps into the process!

I’m addicted.  Everything I do I feel amazing.  I look in the mirror and I feel beautiful.  My eyes sparkle, my skin glows, my pudge is melting away and I feel like I could take on the world.


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