An Experiment in Soup

Coconut Carrot Soup

I’ve been trying to make my own way along this food journey of mine.  I follow instructions as best I can, but sometimes there are a bunch of ingredients I don’t have and I don’t really want to buy.  I’m not the worst cook in the world, so I’m pretty comfortable with throwing things together.  Tonight I have a very near success!

I’m calling it Coconut Carrot and Bean soup.

I’ve never been a big coconut fan, but I’m learning that it’s not the flavour, it’s the texture I don’t like.  I don’t like coconut flesh.  My new foray into the world of natural eating has led me to coconut time and time again, and I’ve slowly begun to incorporate it into my life.  First on my face, second in smoothies and now in soup!

Here are the ingredients…

2 carrots

2 stalks celery

1 sweet potato

Leeks – to taste

2 Garlic cloves

1 Can Cannellini beans

Chili flakes

And a big helping of coconut milk (not coconut water)

I bought the really good organic coconut milk (only a few dollars a can) and it was ridiculously creamy.  I was confused at first because I thought I’d bought a faulty can.  Turns out coconut milk can be quite runny or very thick.  The solid stuff is cream and it can be super fatty.

I steamed all the veggies together and then put it all in a blender with the coconut milk, beans, chili flakes and blended until smooth.  Holy crap the mixture turned out smooth!!!  I added a little salt and pepper to taste, and voila!

It was a pretty good thick soup.  It wasn’t my best, could have used a bit more flavour, maybe some onions next time, but all in all it was a nice warm, mild meal to keep the belly full!


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