Green Smoothie

Let me put this straight.  I’m not a fan of green smoothies.  I find that I end up choking them down most of the time.  Sure I feel great afterwards, but it’s not a meal I enjoy.  Until lately.

The addition of the magic bullet into my life has changed things drastically for me.  The single serving little blender makes my mornings so much more pure and my health has heaved a big ‘thank you’ sigh to the universe.  Until recently, my morning smoothies are mostly berries, spinach, chia seeds and oats.  Certainly a good filled start to the morning without a doubt.  But I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the benefits of veggies in the morning and I’m determined to give my body the biggest boost possible.  So started green smoothies.

The first one I made was… will lets just say it tasted like I mashed a bunch of veggies together.  Who wants that in the morning!  But slowly I took in a couple different recipes, mostly from, and I think I’ve made one that tastes… well like veggies but at least in a good way!

Here’s the ingredients.   Almond milk, coconut water, lime, ginger, spinach, avocado, celery, cucumber, a few chilli flakes, vitamin D, chia seeds and oats.  With the ginger and chilli flakes you get this amazing punch in the morning the wakes up ever single one of your senses.  The chia seeds, almond milk and avocado smooth everything out so it’s not a chunky mess, and the lime adds a nice sour tang.  I throw in the vitamin D because I live in a normally rainy city and sneaking it into anything I can helps.  This is not going to be for everyone so be prepared!  I’m usually a mild person in the morning.  I like things like porridge that has little to no taste.  But I’ve discovered awakening the senses and it’s drastically improved my day!


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