Restaurant Review: The Foundation

The foundationI went the The Foundation for the first time about eight years ago.  A friend of mine got some people together and we shared one of the big appetizer trays.  I remember liking some of it but not being overly impressed, especially with the service.  They’re sort of known for mediocre service at best.  But recently I’ve gone back a couple of times and I have to say, first impressions didn’t do it justice.

This place is know for being vegetarian.  Everything on the menu is plant based, except for a few things like the cheese on the nachos.  I took my mom there a few weeks ago.  She loves anything healthy, so I figured it was a good choice.  The Foundation is known for it’s nachos, so we ordered a big plate and… it was okay.  But the yam dip was fricken amazing!! I ate almost the entire plate myself, even though it was way too much for one person.  They had a good, but small, selection of beer which was just enough.

Tonight I went back and ordered the Quinoa, Chickpea and spicy peanut burger with the ‘loving side’.  I still don’t now what the lovely side, but it was some kind of seed salad in a creamy dressing that I ate fast enough that I can’t really remember how it tastes.  It was that good.  The burger was perfectly good, but when you have spicy in the menu, I expect it to almost burn my mouth off.  It was delicious, but there was no spice.

If you love healthy, plant based food, this is a must go!!  It’s completely hipster and the own that, with graffiti on the walls, thrift store furniture and waiters who are… unique.  The music was a little loud, but it made the atmosphere super casual.  I came out of there tonight feeling full without being stuffed, and like I’d just absorbed enough nutrients to make my skin glow and hair shine for the entire week!!


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