Yam Fritters

Tonight I experimented.  I had a craving for Yams and came across a Quinoa fritter.  I didn’t have Quinoa but I did have oats, yams and all kinds of other delicious stuff, so I improvised and this is what I ended up with.

I soaked the oats for a short few minutes, just to make them easier to work with.  I steamed a few yams, chopped onion, picked herbs from the garden and mixed it all with olive oil and salt and pepper.  Then I quick fried them with coconut oil.  They turned out a little moist so next time I would add some buckwheat flour, or drain everything better to take away some of the moisture.  But it was sure yummy!

For the green dip I used the spring roll dip recipe from Deliciously Ella.  It wasn’t the best combination, but it was sure tasty!  Because the yam is sweet and the dip was suite, it might have worked better with some a little more tart.  But that dip is incredibly taste!  It’s made with mango, avocado, ginger, tahini, chilli peppers, olive oil and lemon.  I could eat it as a desert out of the bowl!!


I don’t usually experiment.  I sort of cook exactly what I know how.  This turned out pretty well so I’m going to continue experimenting and see what I come up with!!



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