The Enemy that is Breakfast

Magic Bullet

Figuring out what your biggest flaws are is super important, especially if you’re trying to change yourself for the better.  My biggest flaw has always been breakfast.  I eat nothing at all or total crap.  Sometimes just a coffee with cream.  I’ve always said that I’m just not hungry in the morning, which is true.  When I wake up, the last thing I want to do is eat.  To me it’s a chore, and chores in the morning suck.

A few weeks ago my mom bought me a magic bullet blender set for my birthday.  She’s always been so supportive of eating healthy, and when I told her ‘I wish I could make smoothies’, she took the opportunity to make that happen.  Since then, I’ve had a smoothie almost every single morning.  I get up, shower, brush, floss and make a smoothie.  I’ve become good and making sure I have the right ingredients and just throwing things together.  My mom took me to Costco and bought a nice big back of frozen berries, a few tubs of almond milk and we split a bag of chia seeds.  I buy a big bushel of spinach every week, some banana’s, avocado and whatever else I might make.  It takes me less then five minutes in the morning to throw spinach, almond milk, chia seeds, berries and oats into a cup and blend until smooth.  Normally I take it to work and eat it at my desk, but I’ve had breakfast every single morning for the last three weeks.

Holy crap!  What a fricken difference.  Simply put, my mid-afternoon lull is gone.  My moody mid morning before lunch is gone.  My cravings for the worst imaginable food at lunch is gone.  I’ve put a lot of effort into putting something healthy into my body every morning, and the difference is every minute of the day.  I feel more productive, I feel less negative and I feel… like myself!

That’s really the most important part.  Take out all the emotions of the day, and just feel like yourself.  I used to think ‘I’m just a negative person’ or that ‘sometimes I get moody’.  It’s just me.  But it’s not me.  Your natural state is when you’re content.  It’s not natural to feel like crap.  Your body is telling you that something isn’t right if you feel like crap.  You don’t have the right nutrients, your sleep-deprived or you’re burning yourself out.  When you’ve taken care of yourself, you should just feel… right.  You won’t even think about it, you’ll just feel good.

My fist big flaw has always been breakfast, and now that I’ve sort of concurred it (I say sort of because it’s only been three weeks) I realize that sometimes the effort to get a flaw out of your system can help so much more than you ever thought possible.


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