Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

So I’ve been on a ‘natural’ kick for awhile.  I’ve been trying my best to get chemicals out of my life.  It’s been tough, but very slowly, things are getting better.  I figure going cold turkey is never going to work, but if I can do one thing at a time, it will get easier.

This all started a year ago when I was working two blocks away from a whole foods.  I decided I was going to eat completely organic for an entire month.  I blogged about it at the time, how good I felt.  It was hard to maintain simply because I could only shop at one place, and it could be expensive if you aren’t careful.  But for a whole month I succeeded.  My hair looked shiny, my skin was amazing, my health was on point and I just felt like a million dollar version of myself.  Because of that experiment, I’ve become convinced that the natural way is how you can get the most beautiful version of yourself.

I’ve struggled with my skin for most of my life.  As a teenager, my face was a constant circle of a few pimples at a time.  In my early twenties it didn’t stop.  I feared that I would never grow out of it like everyone said I would.  I hated covering up red spots all the time, and it made me feel super self-conscious.  I would never go out without makeup, and sometimes I might even wear some at the gym!  But a couple experiments, especially the one above, lead me to believe that my skin was bad because of what I was putting in my body.  But what about what I was putting on it?

It took me years to perfect a routine that seemed to work.  I would only buy one kind of moisturizer, one kind of soap and wash a certain amount a day.  But every time I went to get a facial they would tell me my skin is too dry or scratch, and they would try and cell me a product way out of my price range.  I was frustrated.  I thought having no pimples was worth a little dry skin.  But I’m not getting any younger, and I don’t want to be in my thirties and start to wrinkle.  So I gave natural a try.

At first it sucked.  Every product I tried that was natural was either too heavy, to light, icky or smelly.  I kept going back to me normal routine because it worked!  I don’t want a pimply face!  That’s when my sister started jabbering on about coconut oil and how much she likes it.

My sister is a lot of talk.  Sometimes she just doesn’t stop talking.  So one day I tried it, and it was heavy and oily and I didn’t like it, so I told her to shut up about it.  But I read in the blog I like so much, Deliciously Ella that it’s what she uses, and she loves it.  So I reluctantly gave it another shot.  I chose a weekend where I knew I wouldn’t heave to wear makeup, and made sure only to use a little bit.  After two days I was hooked.  Not only does my face feel moisturized and not oily, but it’s invisible.  I feel like I’m wearing no product at all!  I started wearing it under my makeup, thinking it would make everything oily, but it didn’t!  In fact my makeup stays put longer than it used too!  Because I was working off a little sample I took from my sister, I went to buy some for myself.  Ouch!  I bought a big jaw of 100% organic all natural coconut oil and it wasn’t cheap, but I’m learning quickly that it’s going to last me ten times longer than any product I could buy at the store!!

My ‘natural’ bath continued and I went and bought a very simple face cleanser with all natural organic ingredients.  It wasn’t too expensive, somewhere between the cheap stuff I usually buy and the crazy stuff from the spa.  But because I’m saving money on the coconut oil I figure it’s worth it.  I’d love to make my own face wash, but I’m just not that handy yet.  I do the oatmeal scrub once in awhile, but I find it strange to rub food on my face.

Now here’s a skin update.  I haven’t had any kind of outbreak, itchiness or redness since I started.   mean zero.  Not even a ‘I feel something might be coming’.  It’s totally clear and dare I say it, but my skin is glowing.  It’s healthy and pure, and I’m sitting in a coffee shop with no makeup on feeling calm and confident.  I almost never wear makeup on the weekends anymore unless I’m going out.  I even wear less makeup to work.  I don’t need it!  I have nothing to cover up!

I’m fully convinced now that natural is the way to go.  Enough of this expensive product.  I’m slowly going to go natural for everything.  From what I’ve learned it’s cheaper and works better than anything out there you can buy.


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