New Assistant

A few days ago, my boss hired a new assistant in the office.  We went through the process of finding someone, and he picked a young man who had shows some real gusto in wanting to become an agent.  This young man is not trained in an office, has little to no work experience, but has the zeal to really push.  It seemed like a good match.

It’s day three, and I’m worried.  This kid has a good attitude, but there’s something super unorganized about him.  He can’t make a list.  We’ve told him to create cheat sheets, but he hasn’t yet.  He seems overwhelmed and confused, and yet we’re not yet asking him to do very complicated stuff.  Emails and keeping organized is really his only tasks right now.

I was hoping that a new assistant would take a lot off my desk, and take away a lot of the pressure I feel day to day trying to keep my department and his department both organized.  But at the moment, I have three jobs, keeping both departments organized and now keeping this new assistant from getting too flustered.  It’s not my department so I shouldn’t get too much involved, but if this guy fails then it’s going to make my job harder again.

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but there’s something about him that’s not working.  I’m afraid now that it’s not going to work out.

Suddenly I realize that I’m being super negative!!  I’m going to send this kid positive vibes and believe that he’s going to pull through.  I’ve been nervous like that in a new job.  I believe that he can handle it.


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