The Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

A week ago, I celebrated my birthday.  I was surprised to open a gift from my mom and find a magic bullet.  A middle of the line single serve blender with all the toys.  Excited, I immediately made a berry and banana smoothie.  And another for my mom, and another for for my sister.  I took it home and made hummus.  Needless to say in the last week and a half, I’ve made more with this blender than I have with my oven all year!  I have become a morning smoothie junkie.

I’ve tried a few morning smoothies now, and some definitely taste better than others.  I have to say I am not a fan of avocados in smoothies.  I thought at first I was destined to be a fruit smoothie person, which doesn’t give as much nutrients as I would like.  So I bought a book.  Deliciously Ella.  It’s not a book of smoothies, but it does have a few in it.  What this book helped me with is what to put in to make a smoothie more nutritional in the morning.

First: Oats!  Seemed weird to me at first to put whole uncooked oats in a raw smoothie.  What it does is add protein and smooth out the texture.  You have to make sure you use whole natural oats and not the instant cooked bleached kind.  It’s just more nutritional.

Second: Chia seeds.  I’ve been making my smoothies and taking them to work in the morning, so I don’t actually drink them until about an hour after I make them.  Adding chia seeds to the mixture thickens it if it’s too watery, and adds all the goodness of chia seeds.  Don’t know the benefits of Chia seeds?  They provide sustainable energy like very few foods can.  Chia seeds add fibre, protein, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.  They also contain zinc, vitamin b1 and 3, and potassium.  Still not convinced?  How about antoxidants?  Oh yes, Chia seeds are a little tiny spec bursting with all the good stuff.  They’re virtually tasteless, so they’ll add nutrients to your smoothie without affecting the taste.

Third: Spinach.  Oh yes, make it green (or brown if you’re also using berries.)  I’m not a huge spinach fan on a normal day, but I’ve been adding it to my smoothies every morning.  With the berries and lime juice, it’s not as disgusting as I would have thought.  At the moment, I only add one veggie at a time.  It’s all I can handle.  Unless I’m making a full veggie smoothie that I know isn’t going to taste amazing.

Fourth: Almond milk/coconut water.  I used to add water, but it just dilutes the taste.  I want my smoothie to be bursting with nutrients.  I like almond milk, and I add coconut to take away some of the thickness.

Fifth: Berries.  My mom went to Costco and bought me a huge bag of berries.  It’s way cheaper than trying to get it from the grocery store.   A small bag of berries from the grocery store is like nine bucks!!  You can get a back five times bigger for 15!!  It makes berries so much easier to add into your morning smoothie.  During the summer, we go berry picking out in the valley, so we get fresh berries for cheap and then I freeze them.  For $40 you can end up with enough fresh berries to last a full year.

That’s my morning smoothie tips for right now.  As I experiment, I’ll update you.  But try adding all these things to your smoothie and mix well.  I bet you you’ll be surprised how decent it tastes.  I don’t know about you, but yucky smoothies in the morning is not how I want to start my day!


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