Take My Breath Away

A few weeks ago, a colleague at work wanted me to do an exercise in noticing the beauty of the world.  She said it’ll help you look up and notice the things all around you, and you’re see that the only reason things seem ugly is because you’re not looking at the beauty.  She asked me to go out into the world and take ten photo’s of things that take my breath away.

I have to admit, first I was totally unable to do so.  I think of ‘take my breath away’ as a song from top gun, and the truly epic wonders of the world.  I mean The Grand Canyon and The Colluseom in Rome.  I was looking around and could find maybe one thing that felt that epic to me, and I couldn’t figure out how to get a shot good enough to show it.

My colleague rolled her eyes at me and said I take things too seriously.  Something could take your breath away if you look at it and think ‘wow’, even in a small, insignificant way.  If you look at something and feel it’s beautiful, take a picture.

I realized that I was taking this way too seriously.  The point was to see the small things around me and find beauty in everything, and see if you have find a theme or trend.

So I went out again, this time with a new perspective.  I didn’t get the pictures all at once, but over a few days, I did end up with a collection of ten photo’s that I’ve compiled for this list.  A few appeared in my daily photo challenge, but some I kept for this.


I encourage you to do this as well.  It was a strange experience, but it did open my eyes to the world around me, and helped me see beauty when I felt things were ugly in life.


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