Daily Stretching

StretchingI read in a magazine all about the benefits of stretching.  I’m sure it was Women’s Health, or a similar one.  I like those sort of magazines more for the inspiration and recipes than the ‘quick diets’ and ‘fast weight loss’.  But this one about stretching felt… beneficial.  It wasn’t about yoga or hard work, it was just about waking up your muscles and getting them going to begin your day.  Soft, long stretches that don’t take a ton of work.  The benefits were supposed to be ‘more productive days’ and ‘banish that feeling of fatigue’.  Those are two things I want, so I thought ‘why not!’.

Day one:  I felt sort of crappy about how tight my muscles were.  I mean I used to be a soccer player.  I could stretch through anything.

Day two: I decided to focus mostly on my legs and hips, because I sit all day at work.  I stretched my lower half for a good 20 minutes.  The day I got a ton done.  I bunch of jobs I’d been ‘meaning to do’.

Day three: Stretching is already easier, and calming.  Instead of focusing on the stretch, I focused on my breathing.  But I got bored.  Breathing is just… boring.  So I pulled up my computer and distracted myself while I stretched.  It worked.  I ended up stretching longer than before.  That day I got all my errands done, and got fully prepared for going back to work in a few days.

Day Four:  I looked forward to stretching.  I mean I was tired and kinda didn’t want to do it, but I was looking forward to feeling stretched and limber.  I realized that I could bend just a little further, a tiny bit more flexible.  Only four days in!!

Day Five:  I stretched in morning and at night today.  It’s like every time I feel like I have nothing to do, I want to stretch.  I looked up some better stretches for hips and legs, and really worked it out.

Day Six: This is today.  I got up, had breakfast, stretched, and got about my day.  I didn’t even think about it.  I don’t feel tired, despite not sleeping well last night, and I’m calm.  I can’t believe how much calmer I am after a few days of stretching.  Not yoga, but stretching.  Normal, everyday stretching.

I’m not going to scoff at the quick ‘if you do this once a day’ ideas I read in those magazines anymore.  I mean I don’t buy into anything that’s going to lose you all your weight in three weeks, but this stretching thing really makes a difference.  Such a small thing and I feel like crazy good most of the day.

And here’s a kicker.  When I crave sugar and sweets, I stretching instead, and it totally distracts my mind!  Because my body feels good, I find it easier to eat healthy.  I haven’t really started exercising yet, but that’s to come.  This is a good start in making me feel better.  I mean it’s only January 4th, and I’m down a pound and feeling like I’m down ten.  Not to shabby 🙂


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