The Crown – Part 2

So I promised to give a second post after my second appointment getting my first crown.  This is going to be short, just like the appointment.

The first appointment was almost two hours.  It sucked.  I was all prepared for a similar second appointment.  But I was out of there in twenty minutes!!

The only real questions about the whole thing was whether or not I wanted freezing.  My dentist explained that freezing isn’t necessary, it just helps if there’s any sensitivity.  We can stop at any time and freeze you up if you need it, but we can do it without it.  I nervously exclaimed ‘let’s do this’, and prepared myself for the worst.

There was a little bit of sensitivity, but nothing major.  They easily pulled off the temporary crown, explained to me what was happening with the new one, and plunk, it was on.  Did a few bite tests to make sure that it settled right and wasn’t causing discomfort or an odd bite, and then it was like ‘all done!’.  That’s it.  The second appointment is a breeze.  Don’t even worry about it.  And if you’re super sensitive, just get the freezing!


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