Father of the Year

So I was at the dentist, sitting and waiting for my appointment to start.  I was a little early so the wait was not a big deal.  While I was there, a father and his son came in.  I cute little kid named Mr. Dylan.  He couldn’t have been more than four.  He had a raspy voice and a bowl hair cut.  He was adorable.

The father sat down and starting flipping through magazines, and the kid went to the play area.  A few minutes later, the kid came back and said to his father ‘daddy I’m scared’.

Here’s where I was a little surprised.  The father didn’t say a thing.  He didn’t even look at the kid.  He kept flipping through his magazine.  The poor little guys said it nine or ten times before the dad sort of mumble out ‘why are you scared?’ and kept flipping.  The little guy went on to talk about his last dentist.  I didn’t understand some of it, but it sounded like his last dentist wasn’t so nice and he didn’t like him.

Now I know my dentist, and shes wonderful.  She’s friendly and kind, and when I tell her I’m worried about something, she tells me the truth of the situation without any doom or gloom.  She’s very personable and I can imagine she’s good with kids as well.

The father didn’t answer.  The kid started saying again how scared he was, and after another ten times, the dad said ‘why are you scared?’.

So I answered.  I said ‘he’s scared because he thinks this dentist is like his last one.’

The dad finally looked up from his magazine to look at me.  I just looked directly back at him.  I kept my experession carefully calm.  I didn’t want to judge, or look like a bitch, but I was super annoyed with him.  How hard is it to hold you sons hand, look at him, and tell him you’ll be with him the whole time and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

It got worse.

I’m not an ugly person.  I say it that way because I’m not all up on myself, but I’m not totally self deprecating either.  I’ve got long blonde hair and big blue eyes, and a pretty decent smile.  The dad looked at me, blinked, and then smiled that smile.  You know the one.  The ‘hey baby’ smile.  Apparently me pointing out that his kid is scared and he’s being a stupid dad is some kind of pickup line.  He put his magazine down, kept ignoring his kid, and now focused on me.  He said ‘what are you here for?’.  It took all my effort not to roll my eyes.

I turned to the kid, who was looking at me now, and smiled.  I told him that I’ve been going to this dentist for awhile now, and I really like her.  When I’m a little scared, I just tell her, and she helps me feel better.  He nodded, a little wide-eyed, and fidgeted.  The dad asked me if I lived in the area.

I smiled a little tersely at him and didn’t answer.  If he’s not going to answer his son, then I’m not going to answer him.

Thankfully the dentist called in the kid first, and I was shocked when the dad sat there and didn’t go in with him.  If my kid was scared, I would hold his hand all the way into the room to make sure he was alright.  He smiled at the kid and said ‘good luck’, and he smiled back.  He waved at me on his way out.

He glanced at the dad and he was smiling at me.  I picked up a magazine and ignored him.

Thankfully I was called in a second later.

What a douche.


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