Rumble Supershake

Rumble SupershakeI’m not much of a protein shake person.  I’ve never really liked them.  I have them if I really need something, but they’ve never been part of my daily intake.  My problem has never been not enough protein, so supplementing was never something i needed.

Recently I’ve been trying to eat clean.  At first I found it almost easy.  I felt fresh and clean, and I went out of my way to make sure what I was putting in my body was as chemical free as possible.  But then life got in the way, and I faltered.  When things get busy, and I don’t have time to do more than grab the closest piece of sustenance.  Because noting organic is close, if I’m not prepared, I fall of the wagon.  I have to eat.

To try and fight this sudden ‘too busy to eat’ scenario, I’ve turned to shakes and quick things to grab always in my fridge and at my desk.  The quickest thing I’ve found is to make a bowl of oatmeal.  But oatmeal, although good, doesn’t have the nutrients I need every day.  So I’ve been experimenting with protein shakes.

There’s where I found Rumble Supershake.  They were on display at my local Whole Foods, cost under $4 a  bottle, and promised to ‘feed the good’.  A quick read down of the ingredients shows lots of protein, calcium, Omegas and Iron.  My only concern is that chocolate protein shakes are usually extremely thick and too sweet.  Thankfully, this one was not.

It’s made with Cocoa.  For those who don’t know, real cocoa is not very sweet, nor is it bitter.  It’s mild, and delicious.  This Supershake is not too thick, and not too sweet.  It’s smooth and mild, and it’s easy to sip.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I have never found a protein shake that I sat down and drake without having to force myself through the end or felt kind of gross after.

And did it work?  I think of protein shakes as a body builders staple.  I’m not currently working on building muscle, so I wouldn’t think to use it.  But on a busy day when I’m not eating right, this shake gives me the boost I need and the nutrients without going overboard.  I give it a solid gold star.

Now I’m not a body builder, so I’m not sure how it would stack up to those used for muscle building.  But for everyday use, when you can’t get what you need for nutrients, it’s a solid substitute until you’re able to get the right kinds of food for your body.

It is 250 calories, which is nothing for a shake, but can add up if you’re using it as snack.  I like it for breakfast.  I’ve never been a good breakfast eater.  I have to try extremely hard to eat a good breakfast.  I’m just not hungry in the morning.  Of course I always feel  better through the day if I do eat breakfast, but it’s sort of like forcing straw down your throat in the morning.  I don’t love it.  This shake is mild enough that it works, it keeps me fully, and I don’t feel like I’m choking something down.

The protein might be an issue for me.  As I mentioned earlier, getting enough protein in a day has never been a problem for me.  As an adult woman, I should average about 46 grams of protein a day.  That will change based on activity.  So at 20 grams of protein, that’s just under half my daily allotment.  It means that if I wanted to have a serious veggie day, I can without suffering a huge a protein loss.  I love vegetarian days, where you get all your protein from plants and beans.  But it’s hard to hit that 46 grams sometimes without adding meat.  This shake really helps out and gives a solid base to fill my day with non-meat proteins.

Here’s some more awesome about this drink.  It’s Soy Free, Lactose Free, Non GMO and made with organic ingredients.  It has flaxseed oil, kale, beets and spinach, and boasts being made naturally.  Not a lot of preservatives and chemicals in this drink, which is a plus for clean eaters like me.  Almost all the ingredients are pronounceable, and the few I didn’t know I Googled, and they came up being mostly good.

I’ve only started drinking this shake, so we’ll have to re-visit in a few weeks to see what kinds of affects it has over the long run.


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