I feel like I’ve been complaining about my job lately, so I’m going to promise that this is going to be my last work related post for awhile.  But this story has to go up, because I’m still sitting here like… what the f&$#!!

Early this morning, my phone rang.  It was my mom.  My Nana, who’s been sick for some time, went to hospital over the weekend and won’t come out.  It’s very sad, but we knew it was probably going to happen soon, and we now get a chance to go tonight and say goodbye.  Part of me is glad her suffering will be over, and the other part will miss her terribly.

This brings me to work.  Because I agree to meet my family tonight when everyone could come in, I went into work.  I figured I would drown myself in work for a few hours before having to go and deal with everything.  Of course I wanted to let management know in case I got a call and had to go in.  I sat down with my boss, and told her the sad news.

Her first response was to say she was sorry to hear that.  Then she kept talking, and within a few moments, we were talking about a work related thing she wanted to try.

Now… I wasn’t looking for a total sympathy sob fest or anything.  But really?  I just told you I’m losing a family member, ad you want to talk about a product?  It’s not like we had a meeting planned.  I requested a few seconds of her time just to tell her about my Nana.

I was choked!!  I mean seriously pissed.  I said nothing, just kind of nodded and then left the first opening there was.  But I sat at my desk stewing about it for a couple of moments.  That was… rude!  You might not know my Nana, but she deserves a moment of your respect.  She lived a long life, raised three kids, saw seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren.  She’s been ill for awhile, and she’s leaving us.  Take a fucking moment and tell me you’re sorry, and then let me go back to work.  DO NOT turn the conversation into something else.  DO NOT make me feel like you don’t give a shit about my personal life.  It’s not like I went in there with boy problems.

Here we go, as I’m writing, I’m getting all worked up again.  I just feel so disrespected.  I’m honestly speechless.  Part of me wants to march back in there and say ‘I think you owe me an apology’.  I’m not going to, but I want too.

Now my boss is normally a very nice person, for the most part.  Lately I’ve been having a rough time with her, but overall I  have good things to say about her.  Not necessarily as a manager, but as a person.  I’m just dumbstruck by that happening.  Truly dumpstruck.


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