It fits… and then it doesn’t…

Plaid ShirtI have this shirt I bought probably two years ago.  When I bought it, it was a tiny bit snug, but I really wanted it.  I thought ‘I’ll lose five pounds and then it’ll fit’.  Well that shirt hasn’t fit at all since I bought it.  I’ve never worn it unless it’s over another shirt and unbuttoned.

A few weeks ago, I put it on.  I was so shocked when it fit that I smiled all the way through the day.  I mean talk about seeing progress when you don’t expect it.  Even my larger cleavage was contained without making the shirt look about to burst!

Yesterday, I put the shirt on again.  It’s too big…

Seriously?  I was torn between being happy, and rolling my eyes.  I mean of course.  For the first time in years, I’m successfully getting healthy.  Every day I feel better, look better, and just am better.  I couldn’t be more happy to see progress in having clothes that no longer fit.  Amazing.  But this shirt I’ve always wanted to fit into.  I bought it hoping that I’d have the strength to lose five pounds.  I kept it in my closet, looking at it longingly.  And now it’s simply over.

I’m not going to hope I can fit into it again.  That would mean gaining weight and becoming unhealthy once more.  But I’m disappointed.

Sometimes I look at clothes and think ‘even when I’m skinny, it’ll fit lose and look good’.  That’s not true at all.  When things start to look too big, you start to look frumpy.  It hides your hard work, and it’s hard to get that ‘I threw this one and look fabulous’ look.

Here’s the thing about my body shape.  With my large chest, it’s hard to find button up shirts that fit.  They either stretch over my chest, making me look bigger, or hand super big over my stomach, taking away any middle I might have.

Now I’m going to step back a moment and say ‘I’m not complaining!’.  It sounds like I am, but I’m not.  I’m super happy with my progress, and I of course wouldn’t change it just for a shirt.  But losing weight does come with annoyances that you don’t think of.  My jeans don’t fit anymore, that means $$$ to buy more.  My shirt I’ve always wanted to wear fit for two weeks.  I guess that means $$$ to replace it.  My bra doesn’t fit $$$.  My bathing suit is too big $$$.  That cute summer dress?… $$$.  Any life change might cost you something, but here’s a trick that I’ve learned to look at.

The way I’m eating now, food is costing me next to nothing.  Seriously guys, veggies cost nothing.  Even buying organic, if you buy in season, you’re not going to break the bank.  It is possible to eat on a budget and get good food.  The money I used to spend on food now goes directly to replacing my wardrobe as it begins to fall off of me.  And you know what?  One day I won’t lose anymore, but I’ll be spending the same on food.  That extra money no longer replacing everything I own, will be free for treating myself 🙂

Don’t let the little annoyances stop you from achieving your goals.


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