Do I get hit on more than I think??

musicYesterday, I was walking through the mail near my place towards Shoppers Drug Mart to get some hair dye.  Yes, I’m not a natural blonde 🙂  I had my headphones on, listening to a song I really like, just sort of motoring along.  It took me a moment to realize the guy beside me was talking to me.  I pulled off my headphones, and looked at him in surprise.  He laughed, and asked ‘do you feel like you’re in your own world when you’re listening to music?’  I responded with a quippy line, and he smiled.  Then he proceeded to start talking.

I was a little confused at first, glancing around to see if other people were around.  It was a mall, so everyone was minding their own business just like I had been.

Now I’m like any girl.  When someone hits on my, I blush and feel good about myself.  I normally smile and flirt back, and then move on.  Unfortunately, this guy seemed to be going to the same store I was.

I listen to my music a lot while I walk.  And yes, I to lose myself in my own little world.  I’ve often thought to myself that I don’t always meet new people, and I wonder why.  I’ve got a good group of friends, but I’ve known most of them now for years.  Is the reason meeting new people is harder because we’re all in our own worlds listening to music?

I took a look around today, and was surprise how many people had their headphones in.  Not everyone, but certainly most people my age or younger.  We joke at my work when one of us forgets their headphones that they have to ‘face the noise of the world’ without a soundtrack.  I honestly feel a little naked or bored without my headphones on while I go do errands or walk around.  Am I addicted to my music?

New challenge.  I’m going to go the rest of the week without music.  I mean when I’m out in the world.  If I’m walking somewhere, standing in line or just wandering, no headphones, no phone, just head up in the world.  If someone smiles at me, I will smile back.  If someone says hi, I’m going to say hi back.  I want to see how many people I connect with, even briefly, compared to what I do now.


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