Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Movie-Production-ArtLast weekend, in the blazing heat, my mother called all three of her children down to help her in the house renovations.  For an entire day we were outside hauling things to the truck, and then taking them too the dump.  At the end of an exhaustive day, I said ‘I need to sit in an air conditioned darkened theatre and watch a good movie’.  My siblings agreed, and so my mom decided she would treat us all to the VIP experience for all our work that day.  We chose Guardians of the Galaxy because… well, why wouldn’t we.

It was exactly what I hoped it would be.  The reel high quality feel of the marvel movies with their usual comedy all combined with a ‘cowboys in space’ type story.  It really was ‘Captain America’ meets ‘Firefly’.

Our main character.  A down and out human who seems to get by on his charm and ability to juuuuust make it through hairy situations.  Acted well, the characters most redeeming scenes were all combined with the ‘awesome mix tape 1’ that is the movies soundtrack. He dances too it, sings to it, is awesome too it.  If that music starts up, some old 80 hits, you know you’re about to see some funny stuff from him.

Rocket the raccoon is the best character.  Voiced by Bradley Cooper, you never would have thought the handsome guy could come across so ragged just through his smooth voice.  But this little creature, combined with his friendship with silent Groo, is one that will bring a surge of emotion up through you.

It was fun.  The entire movie was fun.  The bad guy was bad, the good guys… mostly good, and the usual mystic marvel universe has found itself another infinity stone.  I’m excited to find out how this motley crew is going to fit in with some of the other characters in the Marvel universe.

I do have one complaint.  Zoe Saldana.  I looooove her.  I have to start by saying she’s one of my favourites.  But in this movie… there were scene that were definitely over acted a little.  Her quit moments, the real emotional scenes, were beautiful.  The high paced humour and fighting felt forced from her.

There was also a lot of expository dialogue.  It really felt like they were spelling things out for you.  Maybe they had too for some audiences, but mostly, I found myself thinking ‘well duh!’  Audiences are not as dumb as you always think.  If you make them feel dumb by telling them exactly what is happening when it’s kind of obvious, you might get a few eye rolls.  It did not happen enough to be a real nuisance, but it happened.

All in all I’m giving this movie a solid ten.  It was fun, entertaining and made me want to see it again.  That’s all I can really ask for from a movie.  Well done Marvel!


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