Clear Skin

Clear SkinOh, my skin.  If I could pick one thing in my life I simply can’t seem to figure out, it would be my skin.  Specifically, the skin on my face.

As a teen, I had pimples.  I’m not talking full on acne, but close enough.  I was thrilled if I only had one or two pimples going at once.  Everyone told me I would grow out of it.  Guess what, I didn’t.

My skin is waaaaay better now than my teens, but it’s still now always clear.  Every once in awhile, usually around my period, I’ll have little break outs.  Sometimes I’ll eat a few greasy meals, and bam! a few marks.  I’ve gone through hundreds of brands of products, and I have managed to get down to ones that make my face the clearest.  I DO NOT deviate from those products.  Once the store didn’t have my moisturizer, so I bought I different kind… holy crap it was like a war zone!!

Now, I’m singing a new tune.  My skin looks amazing!!  I mean seriously.  I look in the mirror, no makeup, and think ‘I could go out like this’!  Who does that??  I have never been that girl that was comfortable going out without makeup.  A little powder at least.  But suddenly I’m thinking things like ‘I could go to work with no makeup on!’

Why?  Clean eating.

My mom always used to nag me with things like ‘dairy makes you break out’.  I thought she was crazy.  I know that really greasy foods do the trick, but I figured most of it was cleanliness or product.  I was totally wrong.

I’ve been eating clean for a few weeks, and for those who don’t know what I mean by ‘clean’, I mean only foods I can pronounce, as fresh as possible, and organic as much as possible.  The fewer ingredients, the better.  That’s all.  Those are the rules.  I talked about the instant energy and the weight loss that’s come along with it, but I haven’t talked about other physical affects it’s had on me.  My skin is a major one.  Not only is it clear, but it looks healthy.  I would almost call myself radiant 🙂  I wash my face in the morning, put on sunscreen (because we all should be!!) and then moisturizer.  I have dry, sensitive skin, so I need light products that won’t clog, but not so light they won’t help the dry.  I find the sunscreen not only protects, but helps with the moisturizing.  With those steps done, I look at myself and think… huh, I look healthy and young.  My re-emerging cheek bones don’t hurt either.

It gets weirder.   I’ve always had to put almost an absurd amount of focus on my face.  Wash day and night, use certain products, wash if I feel itching, tie my hair back whenever possible.  It was like anything could affect it.  Now, I never think about it.

I feel like a Neutrogena ad or something, only I’m not trying to sell you a product.  I don’t want to sell you anything.  I’m actually just saying one thing that I will never admit again.  My mom was right.  that’s right mom, I said it.  You were right.  My face problems have stemmed right from food from the beginning.  Maybe not dairy, because I still eat some dairy, but from chemicals, fat, oil and all that other icky stuff we consume day to day.  And if the affect of eating clean shows this well on my face, what is it doing to my insides??  I can’t even imagine!

Another reason to eat clean, if I needed one.  Two full weeks gone, working on my third, and I still haven’t lost my motivation.  How’s that for lifestyle change 🙂


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