Revisiting My New Years Resolution

New Year ResolutionDoes anyone ever heard about New Years Resolutions in the middle of summer?  Of course not.  Most people have given up on them already, and the few who succeeded are probably already done and moving on to the next thing.  I decided to look back on my resolution and see where I’m at.  Here it is…

My resolution this year is not to have a specific resolution.  I want to continue on my path.  It’s successful, and I want to lose the weight I gained during my relationship.  I want to be fit and healthy, and strong.  I want to be happy with myself.

Have I succeeded?  I would say not yet, but I’m certainly on my way.

I didn’t give myself a specific weight loss goal, so I’m pretty happy to say that I’ve made it!  I have lost weight.  I still have some to go, but I’m certainly feeling happy about the way that I look.  Am I strong?  I’m stronger than I was, but I don’t think I’m where I imagined myself as physically strong.  My legs are getting super strong, but my upper body doesn’t get as much work.  Am I healthy?  Heck yes.  I feel amazing with all the clean eating I’ve been doing.  I mean seriously amazing.  Fit, Healthy, Strong and Happy.  Those were my goals.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed a resolution before 🙂

I look back at how I got here, and I realize why.  I’ve always made specific goals before.  But in the half a year, my goals have gone threw loops.  I lived with a weight watchers leader who taught me stuff that… honestly I use almost none of now.  I was so into eating her way when I lived with her, that I kind of didn’t care. But living on my own, I adopted almost none of her techniques.  It was too much counting, too much management.  But it did get me started.  I started loosing weight and I got past those first ten pounds weighing me down.  Then I moved out on my own and awhile my weight didn’t go down, I focused on my happiness.  Happiness is a hard thing to achieve.  Often, it comes with success in weight loss.  If I weigh less, I’m happier.  I had to seriously get over that.  You need to know how to be happy no matter what else is going on.

Once I was happier, I went into health.  Not weight loss, but a serious health overhaul.  I can honestly say that I’m extremely healthy right now, and the weight has sort of gone with that.

It was not a straight path to my goals.  It’s still not.  Your goal has to be loose enough to allow for change as you go.  Life rarely stays exactly how you predict it will.  If your goals can’t change with you, you’re never going to reach them.

Now that I’ve finally reached (or at least gotten half way through the year and not failed) a new years resolution, I feel even happier than I did before.  I’m so glad I didn’t give myself a strict set of numbered goals.  Feeling like a failure is one of the worst feelings there is.


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