Screw the ‘fad’

tightfitting_LargeI wear jeans every day.  I mean every day.  I work at a company that is very specifically ‘business casual’ and our boss insists that we keep it that way.  I wear nice blouses and make sure my hair is done, but it is a jeans kind of office.

For years I’ve bought the same kind of jeans.  Hip hugging skinny jeans.  And yes, I buy jeans that fit, not jeans that are too small and give my crazy muffin top.  But I do have one thing that makes jeans a little annoying.  That’s a nice, round and substantial behind.  Yes, I have a butt.  Normally I like it.  I consider it an asset.  But in jeans, they low rise that is the style now-a days always leave be pulling them up.  I love how they look, but sometimes I simply  need to bend or crouch, and that’s just not pretty.

So I caved and bought higher waist jeans.

Holy hell.  I can’t believe I’ve been suffering all these years!!

It made me think about style and how we try and fit ourselves into things that don’t work with our body types because it is the latest fashion.  Now I love fashion.  I love dressing up.  I love finding new things.  But I will never buy low ride jeans every again.

I’ve always prided myself in fitting to my form.  I believe in dressing for your type.  A pair of jeans that are the right size with a shirt that doesn’t hug the wrong place can look fantastic!  Even if it’s not the latest fashion.

Shopping with a girlfriend recently, we talked about what does and doesn’t work on our shapes.  She has no ass and thin legs.  Her new job at Lulu lemon is going to put her in yoga pants often, and she’s a little stress about it.  Her behind simply doesn’t look good in tight pants.  She needs to do some serious squats before she’d comfortable with it.  So we went to Lulu lemon and tried on pants.  They had a pair that were looser, cropped, and looked fantastic with her thin legs while hiding her not so voluptuous backside.  They’re not the ‘popular’ pants there, but on her they look amazing.

So why have I been wearing low ride jeans so long??  Why didn’t I even try another pair??  I was conditioned to think that those were the ones I needed to get.  An really, the only reason I decided to try another style is because they were on sale and money was tight!  I’m glad it was, because now I can bend, crouch, crawl, jump, ride my bike… and anything else I want without getting the dreaded crack show!!

At lunch today, I took a look around me.  At the table a short distance away was a group of girlfriends.  They could have been sisters maybe, but the same things apply.  All three of them would be considered ‘larger’ then average.  One had a beautiful thick main of black hair, glossy and perfectly straight.  She was wearing a adorable polka dot red dress that went to just above her knee, and black heals.  In a word, she looked amazing!  Her friends…not so much

Her friend was the same size and about the same body shape.  Maybe a little taller.  She was wearing too tight jeans, an over-sized hoody and had her hair pulled back in a too tight bun.

Now I don’t want to judge someone for their style.  I’m simply now that kind of person.  Everyone has the right to look the way they want, and the only important thing is that you look in the mirror and like yourself.  If she got dressed and felt good about herself, then great.  But in contrast to her friend, she looked… uncomfortable.

I think of myself, putting myself in jeans that were not made for my body type for so many years.  Yes they annoyed me, but it didn’t occur to me to try a different style right away.  I just sort of assumed that’s how jeans fit me.  My body shape didn’t like them, and so I was always a little uncomfortable.  I would change before doing anything active because jeans just didn’t work.  But jeans are made to be worn.  They’re made to get dirty and to work in.  Clothes are meant to make you look great.  If only we could all accept our body shop as it is, and dress it accordingly.  I’m short with a long waist and larger behind.  My friend has a shorter waist and not so much behind her.  We don’t share clothes often.


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