Updates on Life

updateIts been awhile since I posted anything, but rest assured it was not due to laziness.  It’s more an overwhelming amount of things happening.

Here’s the biggest update.  I have my own apartment!!

That’s right, I’ve finally moved on from Dee.  I feel bad sometimes for how frustrated I got with her at the end, but living on my own has taught me that having roommates is hard work for everyone.  You learn things about people when you live with them that you don’t always want to know.  I learned that Dee always spouted words of ‘we’re all family’ but really she wanted me to understand that it was her house and she was doing me a big favor.  You thought I forgot that?

I moved in May 3rd to my new places, got internet hooked up, and spent a solid few weeks getting the place exactly as I want it.  I bought a new chair, donated some random things to the salvation army, re-framed all my pictures, and generally made the place mine.  In a word, it’s me.

There’s something huge to be said about having a space that is just yours.  When I first moved in, I was a little worried about being alone.  I haven’t lived alone for over five years, and it’s a little nerve wracking.  But the first night I puttered and unpacked until I was so tired I collapsed.  The second night Kim came over and we walked around my new neighborhood.  Then Monday I rode my bike to work (only 15 minutes), and smiled the entire way there.  I realized that living on my own is not lonely.  I have friends, and a new neighborhood with tons of things to do, and an apartment I love.  Loneliness is something that can weigh heavily on you if you let it.  I feel that if you’re at home, and you feel lonely, then you get on the phone and you talk to your friends, or you join a book club, or… anything.  I realized that if I’m afraid of something, I will make sure to conquer it.  The things that worried me about living alone were all things that I could do something about.

In the last two and a half weeks, I’ve seen friends, I’ve explored, I’ve experienced things I never thought I would… in short, I started a new lifestyle that I’m completely enjoying.  It’s all about choices.  I choose not to let me fear win.  I choose to face it head on, and make sure that my life living on my own is a good experience in my life.

A little about my apartment.  I am a single girl living on my own who doesn’t need too much space.  That said, the place I found is wicked awesome.  Technically it’s called a junior bachelor, which basically means it’s a small one bedroom with no door.  The living room and kitchen is open to one another with an island in the middle, while there’s a little alcove for my bed to go with a closet and space for a dresser and other bedroom things.  I have enough room for a desk area, and a balcony my mom helped me fill with a mini garden.  The bathroom is teeny tiny, but totally functional.  The shower head is great, and the water stays consistently hot.  I love it.

It’s an old building, and sometimes I laugh at it when I leave my apartment.  My space has new floors, and is super clean.  The building itself is…older, and a little dated.  The hallways need a pain job, and some of the trim should be replaced.  It could use a little update.  It’s like the building and my apartment are totally separate.  But that doesn’t matter, because my space is awesome.  I don’t mind walking through a kinda ‘ethnic’ smelling hallway to get to my space.  I say ‘ethnic’ because it smells like spices and curry.  I think the problem is that there are no windows in the hallways, so there’s no way for it to escape.  It hangs around when people are cooking.

But the best part about my new places is the area.  Restaurants, old vintage stories, kitschy little corner stores and lots of parks around.  There’s so much to do and explore.  I love everything about it.

This is my new life, and I feel like I’m finally arriving.  I’m finally starting fresh and I feel amazing about it.  And being alone?  It’s really not so scary after all.


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