Restaurant Review: The Parlour Yaletown

the-parlour-yaletownLast Tuesday I got together with my old boss Eric, who has become a friend more than an old boss, and we went to a little place called The Parlour in Yaletown.  This pizza place is not your typical ‘by the slice’ hole in the wall you usually find.  It’s a stone fire oven, local beer gem of a place that has the most amazing pizza I’ve ever had.  We tried one with arugula, prosciutto, walnuts, goat cheese and balsamic glaze.  Holy crap it was amazing!!

It was hard to choose one pizza to share, but we managed.  I could have chosen ten options on their menu.  It seemed to have a little bit for everyone, with some very strange ingredients I never would have thought of putting on a pizza.

I am not a beer drinker.  I never have been.  part of the reason Eric and I were going out was so he could start exposing me to different beer options.  While they’re selection wasn’t vast, they did have just enough to start building my pallet.  I enjoyed the Coal Harbor Lager, but not so much the Blanche de Chambly.

The atmosphere in this place was great.  The decor was really cool and hip.  It felt like one of those places only ‘the cool people go’, but they didn’t treat you like that.

The staff was a little… interesting.  I’m all for the laid back be your own style kind of attitude, but one waitress was basically wearing a bra.  She was thin enough to pull it off, but you wouldn’t want to bring your kids there.  Our waitress was perfectly nice, but she certainly came by to move things along more often then not.  It was obvious that we were two friends looking to chat and catch up, and she came by to take our order four times int he first ten minutes.  Could you maybe give us a few minutes to catch up first?

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a different kind of pizza experience, or any kind of different experience.  I hope this restaurant has some staying power, because I would like to go again.

My Rating?

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Staff: 3

Overall it would get an 8 out of ten.  Could have been ten out of ten if the staff was just a little less… well, let’s just say maybe don’t make your customers feel like your job is cooler than anything else they could experience in their whole lives.  We get it.  Just bring the pizza please and don’t hover.


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