Restaurant Review: Slickity Jim’s Chat and Chew

Slickity JimsThe weekend was spent mostly with my mom.  She came out Saturday and we lounged with a bottle of wine in my apartment.  It was the first time I had someone stay over in my new place, and it worked out really well.

In the morning, she wanted to take me to her favorite breakfast place.  Slickity Jim’s Chat and Chew.  This place was great.  It’s a patched together thrift store decor style, and boast farm free free range eggs.  It was unique and fun, and the staff was super nice.

But I have to spend the majority of time on the food.  I had a fig and brie eggs Benedict.  O.M.G.  Who knew breakfast could taste so good.  The hollandaise sauce was light and flavorful, the figs were sweet and delicious, and the brie helped everything melt together.  I couldn’t believe had delicious it was.

The food itself was not… beautiful served.  Potatoes were thrown on the plate, and a sprig of some kind of leaf was pushed on top.  But when the food is that good, I don’t care how it looks.

The staff was more than friendly.  They made you feel like they were welcoming you into their own homes, and answered questions honestly about their favorite dishes and drinks.

Everything was very reasonably prices as well.  We walked away from there not cringing out our empty wallets.

The only point to know is that this place fills up quick.  If you’re going, be prepared to wait in line a little while.  We went as they opened their doors, and it was busy within the next half an hour.

This places gets a ten out of ten from me.  I really have no complaints.


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