Restaurant Review: Loku Sushi

148455I know, I’ve tried a whole bunch of restaurants lately.  It’s because of the new area I’m in.  There are so many options and I want to try them all!!

This is the sushi place two blocks away from my place.  I tend to gravitate towards sushi as a go-to option.  I love it.  But there is some bad sushi places out there.

This one, however, is really good.  The prices were just fine, average.  The food was good, average size but super tasty.  The service was perfectly fine.  The atmosphere was decent.  All in all, it was good.

I can’t really say more than that.  It was good.  It wasn’t the best, but as far as sushi goes, I enjoyed it.  I was satisfied with my meal, and not too upset about the cost.  I went with a friend and we shared a few rolls and appetizers, and we had plenty to eat.

Out of ten, I would give this place a seven.  And that’s high.  It was perfectly fine.  Would I recommend it?  Not glowingly, but yes.


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