Hair Color

Natural-Makeup-For-Blonde-HairHere’s a classified secret that I enforce on pain of death.  I’m not a real blonde 🙂  Haha, just kidding.  I don’t enforce this at all.  I’ll readily admit that it’s not my natural hair colour.  But I’ve been dying my hair blonde for years.  I just feel blonde most of the time, so figured my hair should match!

I’m happy to say that I often get compliments on my hair colour.  When I went in to get my hair cut the other day, the hairdresser even remarked on how even it looks, and how healthy my hair is.  And here’s the kicker.  I do it myself out of a box!

I truly believe that some of getting good hair colour out of a box is good luck.  You have to have the right hair for it.  My hair is thick and loves colour, and I’ve never let it go brittle and die.  I only use one trick that when I tell people, they go ‘huh, okay, I can see that’.  Here it is.  I only ever do my roots.

My hair is blonde.  My entire head is blonde.  I find that when I get roots, my whole head starts to look a little duller.  It can be easy to think ‘I’ll just put it all over to liven up the colour’.  No!  Bad bad bad.  You’re going to end up with a much lighter colour than you want, your roots will be darker than the rest of your head still, and you’re going to murder your hair.  I just do my roots, and it instantly brightens my whole head.

Here’s another tiny little thing I do.  Every once in awhile I have a section of hair that for some reason has discoloured.  When my roots are done, I will coat just that portion.  It will end up a little lighter, but that’s okay.  I find that when you’re blonde, having streaks and bright parts can be really cute, especially if you curl your hair.

And the last thing I mention.  I buy the same box every time.  I don’t care what’s on sale, or if the price goes up a dollar.  I use the same box.  A friend at work tried to go blond, and now she’s got frayed, dry hair with uneven colour.  She kept asking me about how I do my hair, and I told her the same things over and over.  Only do your roots, blah blah blah.  Then I found out that she was buying whatever box was the cheapest.  I mean wow.  No wonder your colour is all over the place.

So there’s my secret to hair colour that on me, has always looked good and not like I dunked my head in bleach randomly.  I take care to only to my roots whenever needed, and I take care of my hair the rest of the time.  If you’re also going blonde, take your time!!  The first time I went blonde I went in for streaks.  Yes, expensive, but worth it.  I went for streaks a few times, and then when my hair was almost completely blonde, I started doing my own roots with a box.  The streaks helped blend the hair so I didn’t end up with lines, and gradually I became a full blonde.  I went for streaks about three times whenever my roots were bad, and told them instead of just doing the roots, but in more streaks.  What they do is streak in between streaks instead of doing just the roots, so you end up blended and blonder.


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