Reasons to go to the Gym

BizbTmgIIAEHAx8See this picture?  I laughed out loud when I saw it.  I mean we all give the cliche ‘I want to get healthy’ reasons why we go to the gym when asked, but really, these are way closer to the truth.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the real reasons I work out.

1.) I’m in training to be your hottest ex-girlfriend.  Yes, it may be shallow, but it’s the truth.  I’m determined that the next time I come across my boyfriend, I’m looking fan-fricken-tastic.

2.) Find someone at the gym that will motivate me to go.  A guy of course.  When I’m a little fitter, I plan to go and work out in ‘that area’.  Every gym has one.  It’s where all the really fit people go.  I always see them, talking to one another and helping each other out, all beautiful.  Yes, I will be there one day.

3.) I want to look amazing in my undies.  Early in my last relationship, I was taking kickboxing, and I had an amazing midsection.  Sadly it’s not there anymore, but I’m determined to have it again.  I would put on my bra and undies, and just kind of lie in bed like I wasn’t paying attention.  My BF never missed it.  Looking and feeling sexy in your undies is a big deal for an active, pleasure filled sex life.

4.) Look good in skinny jeans.  Specifically, skinny jeans.  I have a style that I love, and you can see on my pinterest page what it is, and it all involves skinny jeans or leggings.  Currently I do not have the legs for that style.  But I will!  I’m getting closer every day.

5.) Play soccer again.  One day, I’d like to be fit enough to play soccer again.  I used to play all the time, but right now it seems like a long way off.  Since my knee injury, I’ve never gone back.  I let myself get completely out of shape, and now getting back will be a whole lot of pains all over my body.  It’s almost overwhelming to think about.

6.) Take nude pics of myself.  I’m a photographer, and I’ve done several self portraits.  But they’re mostly of my face.  I would love to have some really elegant black and white nude photo’s of myself done.  Of course, I would have to have the body.  So another set of squats?  Yes please.

7.) It will make me happier.  I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I really believe that being skinnier will just be more satisfying.  It’ll give me confidence and I’ll just feel more willing to go out and experience things.

8.) I want to be checked out.  Another shallow one, maybe, but again, the truth.  I want to catch someone checking me out as I walk by, or stand in line.  I’m actually determined for this to happen.  Getting hit on instead of just checked out would be another plus.

That’s all I can think of for now.  You can judge me if you want, but it’s what drives me.  Of course there is part of me that really does want to be healthy.  When your body is healthy, you just feel better.  But I’m not working out to be the same size that I am and healthy.  I’m working out to be thinner, sexier and healthy.  The idea of health doesn’t push me another mile.  The idea of a flat stomach does.

What are your real reasons for working out?


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