Carrots Make You Fat?

CarrotsI read somewhere that carrots contain sugar, and therefore are not good for you.  It’s rattled around in my head for years, and I’ve never really put much thought into it.  But okay, carrots are full of sugar, so stay away.

And then someone said ‘did you ever see someone get fat from carrots?’

Sometimes the world of ‘clean eating’ can be totally overwhelming.  I mean you can find something ‘wrong’ with just about everything out there.  You never seem to get clean enough.  A carrot is bad for you?  How am I supposed to compete with that.

The truth is carrots are not bad for you.  Okay, they have a higher percentage of sugar that other vegetables.  But it’s not exactly the same has eating a chocolate bar.  Carrots are packed full of nutrients and are amazingly good for you.  Have a handful of them and you’re not going to gain weight or become diabetic.  So don’t stress about it.  As long as you’re not eating junk food and white carbs, and you’re sticking to whole foods, fruits and veggies, you’re going to be fine.


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