Post Workout Anger

rageA few years ago, I noticed that sometimes after a really amazing workout, I get sort of moody and angry.  I mean initially I feel amazing!  But then, after half an hour, I get kind of sour.  I used to go home and those were the nights I’d finally bring up with my ex the things that were driving me crazy, and we’d have a big fight.  I just got so short tempered.  At the time I related it to the fading relationship.  Now, I don’t have that excuse.

A few days ago, after a nice run, I found myself on my way home in my car, having those ‘what if’ arguments in my head.  You know the ones.  If this is the argument, this is what I’d say.  If he every said this to me, this is how I would react.  I was having arguments in my head with my ex, who I now haven’t spoken with in months, who has nothing to do with my current life anymore.  But I would be having arguments with him about things that used to bother me about the relationship!  How absurd is that?!?!

I did some research on it for us all 🙂  Apparently the most common reasons for post workout anger are dehydration and poor nutrition.

I am totally a bad at eating before/after a workout.  Apparently if you workout on an empty stomach, then you may burn some fat, but you’re left with hunger pains afterwards.  And when you don’t drink during and directly after a workout, all that sweating has officially dehydrated you.  You could have managed to drink ten buckets of water that day, but the post workout hydration is ridiculously important.

I’m the kind of person that works out just before dinner.  I don’t usually snack in the afternoon, so I go to the gym or put on my running shoes, work out, and then eat afterwards.  Perhaps this isn’t the best way to maintain proper nourishment.  A snack an hour before a workout, and one directly after, and then a small dinner might be more beneficial.  It would be worth it to stop the post workout rage that can happen and maintain that happy endorphin rush we always get!


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