Movie Review

300-Rise-of-an-Empire300: Rise of an Empire.

I love action movies.  I’m not a huge fan of modern warm movies, but historical war movies I find really cool.  But because they’re being churned out so quickly no-a-days, I find that very little effort is put into telling a good story.  It’s all about the style and blood.

Now I know 300 is a graphic novel, but I have to say, having not ready the graphic novel, that this movie was pretty cool.  The characters were likable enough, it was acted well and the style was exactly what you’d expect from a movie like this.  There weren’t too many storylines or characters, as there always are in movies like this, and other than never remembering exactly what the main characters name was, I didn’t ever get lost in what was going on.

Do I have critiques?  Sure.  But they didn’t really take away from the movie all that much.  Most of them were personal preferences.  One being that it’s hard to really grasp the epic-ness of battle completely out at see.  All ships look the same.  You lose count of how many ships their are.  The man to man combat because sort of a secondary necessity, and yet they still try to make it a hand to hand combat war movie.

I’m not crazy about Eva Green usually.  She’s been in a few movies now I’ve really liked, and I’ve always wished they’d cast someone else.  But this time, she really played the character the perfect way to fit into that world.  It’s hard to portray a woman so bad ass that even men fear her, in a time when women didn’t really have much say.

The only other thing that took me out of the movie, was all the references to 300.  I understood pretty quickly that this new movie was happening at the same time, and then slightly after the original 300.  Maybe if I’d seen 300 more recently, I wouldn’t have had to think about it so hard.

The main character, who’s name I still can’t recall, was a pretty natural looking man.  He was well respected, and had just enough serious and approachable about him.  I suppose the problem is that he really didn’t stand out.  We’re so used to the Brad Pitts of the world working out to look like gods, that when you have a man that probably fits in more naturally, you kind of lose him in the crowd.  I really liked him, and I think he was the perfect choice, he was just an odd choice.

And I still can’t remember what the characters name is.  Every time I heard it, I knew it was him, but I could never remember what it was two seconds later.

I give this movie a rating of four out of five.  It had everything you need to be entertained, without doing anything way too over the top or obscene.  I would recommend going to see this with a group of friends for a good night of fun.


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