Is it Luongos Fault Still?

LuongoI read a funny tweet a few days ago about the Luongo trade that made me laugh.  The tweet was sent to Lou and said

‘How does it feel not to be blamed for everything that goes wrong with the Canucks?’

I was always a Luongo fan.  I hated the way he was treated, and I always hoped things would settle down for him and he would be happy again.  When the trade happened, it was not shocking.  In fact, I had this sad sort of acceptance about it.  I thought ‘at least he can be happy now’.

And then the Canucks started losing badly.   Is it the GM’s fault for trading Lou?   Is it Lou’s fault for leaving?  He must be thrilled to be away from all this finger pointing in his direction.  I can’t blame him for that.  We blamed him for everything that went wrong.

But who can we blame now?  It seems to be the GM at the moment.  He’s the problem with the team.  Has all the heat that was on Lou now gone to him?  Because really it doesn’t seem to be pointed at any of the players.  It’s spread out amongst them, as it should be.  A team plays together and falls together.  We’re all so used to blaming Lou that no one knows where to turn now.  If he was such a problem, why didn’t getting rid of him make a bigger difference?


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