Alesse month three

AlesseIt’s been a little while since I’ve reviewed this product.  Mainly because month two went so smoothly I almost forgot about it.  But then came month three…

I’m maybe a third of the way through month three, and my boobs hurt.  I mean seriously hurt.  They’re sensitive and heavy, and I swear bigger than usual.  I mean they hurt to put a bra on, and more to take a bra off.  I’m a stomach sleeper, so that’s a problem.  And I can’t really work out, because any jiggle hurts.  Like OMG.

So Far it’s last about four days.  Let’s hope it’s not going to last the entire month.  I would seriously die if it did.  But I’m being very careful about giving myself exams every day, usually after my shower in front of the mirror.  Just because they’re sensitive, doesn’t mean anything at all.  But I’m keeping an eye out for anything more substantial.  It’s like one of those messages that hurts but also feels kinda good.  Really weird.

Let’s hope this goes away quickly.


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