Lorna Vanderhaeghe

This weekend, my mom took me to the Wellness Convention down at the Convention Center.  It’s like any other convention I’ve ever been to.  It has a bunch of booths set up that are meant to sell you things and teach you.  For most of it, walking around, I was like ‘this is cool I guess’.  I’m pretty healthy usually, so I picked up some Chia Seeds, chose an aromatherapy scent for the bedroom to help me sleep, and tried a few samples of green gunk.  I even won a free week at a Yoga studio near my house 🙂

But then I went to a lecture.  My mom has been following Lorna Vanderhaeghe for years.  She’s a woman’s hormone and health expert with a line of products geared to balancing your hormones and making sure things like periods and menopause happen as easily as possible.  I have taken one of her products before, but only at my moms behest.  I didn’t really look into it much.

But then I sat and watched her speak.

In a lecture filled with menopausal women, I at first felt a little out of place.  I expected something geared towards my moms generation, and I wouldn’t really have to worry about it for like twenty years.  But what followed was a breakdown of how the female body works, what it needs to stay its healthiest and happiest, and the reason why we all experience certain symptoms.  She laid it all out in such an easy to understand way, that I didn’t feel overwhelmed by all the information on health out there.  She focused on specific areas, and talked about why they were important.  There were a hundred moments during the lecture where I found myself nodding along, listening eagerly to her description of some of the things my own body does!  I was like ‘wow, I had no idea that was the cause!’

Now Lorna does sell her own stuff, so there was a lot of ‘you should take this product to help that’, and I found myself thinking that it would cost a lot of money to do all those things.  But the theories behind all of it was still valid.  My mom bought something from her booth, and with her purchase got a book about the top 25 things that ail all women.  I’m already halfway through it, and it has so much information on the things I’ve found myself worrying about over the years.

It’s all about balance.  Balancing can be really hard.  I’ve always felt like it’s a constant battle.   But not I feel calm about it, looking at it logistically.  I don’t have to focus on menopause, but there are things I can do in the years leading up to it to make sure it doesn’t him me as strong as it should.  Simple things, and some harder things.  She explained the when your ovaries are done working, your hormones come from two other places.  Your thyroid and your Adrenal glands.  If you’ve spent you’re entire life stressed, your Adrenal glands won’t work properly.  If you have a low thyroid, it won’t work properly.  If you take care of both of these things, then the hormones in your body will continue working as they should.

I would recommend soaking in some of her knowledge if you can.  You don’t have to buy her product, but the theory behind it is sound.

I was ridiculously inspired after that lecture and the entire wellness convention.  I’ve been exercising and healthy lately, but I realize there’s a whole other level of health that is not too hard to dive into.  And because of this sudden increase in motivation, I’m finding it easier to really put some effort into making it work.

So thank you Lorna, for inspiring one of the few young ladies in your audience to start taking care of herself now, to ensure my future woman is strong, healthy and happy 🙂


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