My Body is a Temple

body-templeThere is this concept that I’ve heard maybe a hundred times in my life.  The concept that our body is a temple.  Now, I’m not sure about the actual use of words in that concept, but the idea is still there.  My body is what I live in, it’s why I physically am.  It makes sense to take care of it, to give it the best chance of surviving everything you put it too.

It’s funny how things change in life the moment you get depressed, or feel down, or simply loose your way.  Your bad habits almost always are bad for you physically.  We think about the state of our mind, and don’t really understand that our mind won’t be there anymore if our body is gone.  Shouldn’t it be our first concern?

I struggle with mood eating.  Anyone who knows me would be able to tell you that.  When I’m unhappy, I stuff my face.  Now the good news is that when I’m happy, I have no problem eating the good for me foods.  Sounds easy right?  Yeah, I wish.  Happiness is a constant state of flux for me.  I find that I’m happy a good portion of the time, but that doesn’t stop the days that just sort of mellow down into something kind of calm and ‘meh’.    I used to really dwell in those days, feel useless and unnecessary, and kind of brood the whole time.  But now I kind of ponder them, and why they’re happening.  I think that’s a good place to be.  Being able to realize you’re in a funk, and kind of wonder why, is a huge step on the way to knowing yourself.  But I’ll tell you a secret.  I could be healthy, strong, thin and well exercised, and I still have those days.  But those days are worse if I’ve lead up to them with poor choices for my body.

It’s the first thing that happens.  ‘I’m not taking care of myself’.  the first thought out of my head that propels me into the funk.  Without that one thing propelling me, it’s not so bad.

So why don’t I ‘treat my body like a temple’ more?  Why do I forget about how important it is, and stuff a whole Cinnamon bun down my throat with extra icing.  Oh man, it was delicious, but that’s not the point!  My body doesn’t know what to do with that.  The white bread confuses it.  The sugar makes it crazy.  It’s just not good in any way.  Sure, it taste good.  Sure, it’s a treat.  But I certainly never feel physically good after a treat like that.  I mean never.  Would you treat yourself and get a message that left your sore and agitated?  No, probably not.  Would you pay for a facial that leaves your complexion looking worse than before?  No.  So why do we pay to do horrible things to our body?

Now logically everything I’m saying is like ‘sure, that makes sense’.  But we all know it’s never that easy.  I mean never.  Cravings don’t care about what’s good for you.  They don’t care about the consequences.  But we should.  Think about eating a cookie like buying a blouse that you like on the hanger, but looks horrible when you put it on.  Would you buy it anyway?

My body has some issues.  I don’t mean like roles and fat dimples.  I meant like digestive issues, and BM issues.  I mean it doesn’t always function at 100%.  I know that’s because of how I treat it.  If I think of my body as a separate entity, a pet that I’m supposed to take care of.  The things I do to it would not create any sort of loyal bond.  It would not be an affectionate pet, or well behaved.  It would bark, and bite, and be angry and irritated.

If only logic could stomp out whatever in our minds creates the bad habits, and the inability to get through them.


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