Being Bad = life goals?

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  Here are my excuses, not in any particular order.

It was cold. Brrrr….

I felt a little sick.  Which is true.

Stress at work.  Quarterly meetings and long presentations.

There they are, all in front of me.  How lame is that!  I know that I have excuses, and I might be able to argue that they’re good excuses.  But really, I could have continued doing what I was doing despite all of this.  I was cold?  Working out warms you up.  I wasn’t really that sick, only felt a little warn.  And stress?  Isn’t exercise the best thing for stress?

So there is not real excuse.  I’ve been bad.  Luckily I haven’t gone backwards, but I really have to get back into things.  I was doing so well for awhile.  But I’m still having trouble with my motivation.  I made a new goal, and that has really helped.  I know where I want to go.  But I think the problem is not that my weight, or fitness goals are wrong, only now I’m in a better place in my entire life, so I feel like I have to make specific goals for everything else.  It’s my life I want to really focus on.

Am I ready for life goals?  It’s been almost three months now, I think, since I broke up with my boyfriend of seven years.  The one that ended up being a jerk, which I still sometimes fume about.  I mean who leaves things like that??  Anyway, it’s long over.  I can rant, but really, I don’t think about him much.  I think about what I do day to day.  I think about the things I like and do.  So what are my life goals?

Life goals are hard.  I mean I can tell you some of the things I’d like too do, but really, what doe they all mean?  There are things I want to work at, but how can they be calculated?  It’s really working towards the person you want to be.  The best version of yourself.  Isn’t that what we all want to be?  The best version of ourselves?  But how do you know what the best version of yourself is?

So I’m going to start with a few.  I feel like these could change, but I’m going to put some real effort into figuring out the validity of things, and being honest about how and why things change.  sometimes you realize something you always wanted to be part of is not for you after all.  Sometimes we realize we don’t want it enough to put the necessary work into it.

Well here we go.  My life goals, as of now.

1.) I want to finish my book.

2.) I want to reach my health and fitness goals.

3.) I want to hit zero dollars debt!!

4.) I want to have my own place.  A place that’s just me.

5.) I want to make money from photography.

6.) I want to be taken seriously as a writer.

7.) I want to travel: Thailand, India, Greece or the most important places on my list.

I think that’s a good start.  I feel I mixed it a little, to focus on different parts of my life.  If I achieved all those things, I feel, right now, I’d be pretty happy with myself.  Even if I achieved some of those things.

I think I might add something to do with friends.  I’m not sure how to word it.  I want more friends?  That sounds odd.  I have some amazing friends, but I don’t really have any kind of routine for seeing them all the time.  We see each other sporadically, in some kind of crazy randomness that I don’t think any of us really understand completely.  This is partly because of the way life goes for us all, with work, relationships and hobbies.  But I’d like to focus my group, invite people in, make it more of a habit to visit with them and do things together.  How would you put that into a life goal?


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