runningI’ve been thinking a lot about running the last couple of days.  I’ve now run twice, once on Saturday, when I did under four miles in 52 minutes, and now yesterday, where I finished 4 miles in less then 50 minutes.  The difference was the hills.

Here’s the part that makes me think.  In the past, when I’ve tried to get back into running before, I’ve had to take it slow.  I mean, really slow.  Start with run five, walk two.  That kind of thing.  This time, I get into a good pace, and I keep going.  50 minutes runs for my first runs?  To me, that’s crazy.

Also the affect on my stabilizer muscles is nuts.  They hurt so badly the next few days!!  It’s hard to think I’m not injured with the amount they hurt.  But then, like any muscle pain, I feel better after a few days, so I know it’s just the muscles.

What’s made such a difference this time that I can run so far when I’m just starting, far and long enough to work my stabilizer muscles that hard.  Why aren’t I tiring after a few minutes, exhausted by the end?  What did I do differently?

I think the answer is the gym.  I haven’t been running on a treadmill, but because of my goal of making my legs thin and fabulous, I’ve been focusing on them.  My legs are stronger than they’ve been in a long time.  I’ve been doing squats and lunges for nearly two months now, and my thighs and ass have really begun to come around.  I’ve been seeing progress in my legs for weeks.  I think that maybe because my legs are stronger than they usually are, and the cardio I’ve been doing in the gym has strengthened my heart and lungs, so physically I’m capable of running.  Now that my stabilizer are getting worked, they’ll hopefully get stronger too.

Now that I’m running, I can’t start neglecting the leg work I’ve been doing.  If strengthening my legs has made me a better runner, then I’m going to focus on that ten times as much.

Now this is just theories, but I’m going to go with them 🙂


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