Goal Wavering

Lately I’ve been wavering a bit with my weight loss.  Simply put, the drive I had these last few months has sort of fizzled out.  I couldn’t figure out why.  Yes, I’ve lost 10 lbs.  Yes, I feel great!  Yes, I look in the mirror and I’m beginning to like what I see.  Is that really enough for me?

I found myself beginning to think that maybe this is what there is for me.  This is the shape I’m meant to be, and I’ll never be back down to my previous weight.  Maybe I didn’t realize how hard it was to be down there.  I stopped counting, I stopped really paying too much attention, and I had a few not so good for me snacks.  I even slacked at the gym.

But then it hit me.  I had no direction.  I had this loose goal of hitting some lower number that was sort of ambiguous.  My goal had been 10 lbs and I hit that 10 lbs.  I achieved my first goal!!! yay!!  But without a second goal, I had nothing to fight for.

So I gave myself another day, just to go over things in my mind, and then I sat down with Dee and discussed it.  We know I want to go farther, but she said to make another manageable goal.  So we picked another 10 lbs.  Another 10 lbs will take me down to a really healthy weight for my height and build.  Another 10 lbs and we can re-asses where I’m at and make another goal.

I made that new goal three days ago.  Wait, four days ago now!  And guess what re-emerged with a vengeance!! I’m motivation! 🙂  All of a sudden I have a specif something I’m working towards again.  I can see it now, the end, and I can see how to get there.  This loose idea of ‘I’ll lose some weight’ just doesn’t work.  There needs to be something more substantial to take me through the hard moments.  If you find yourself wavering like I did, sit down and make a new goal.  It’s alright to change things for yourself when you realize what’s realistic for your body.  It doesn’t mean you’re failing on old goal, and making excuses, it means you’re looking at it rationally.  And when you achieve a goal, take a day or two to celebrate, and then put your effort into whatever your next goal is.

For me, that’s another 10lbs.  And I’m still working on my slimmer legs.  So far, that’s going extremely well 🙂


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