Day…. ? on Alesse

AlesseIf you read earlier, you know that I officially went on birth control for the first time about half a month ago.  I know, I’m super good with the calculations, but I don’t have the little pack with me, so I can’t count.  I’m close to half way done.

So what is the update?  Nothing.  Seriously, nothing.  I’ve had no side effects at all!  No spotting.  No bloating.  I feel totally normal.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s working at all.  I was all prepared for the worst, but really, I haven’t had anything stand out as being caused by birth control.

I’m going to give it a huge thumbs up.  We’ll see how my period goes.  If it’s light, then I’m going to kick myself for not doing this sooner.

There is perhaps one thing, now that I think about it, that I didn’t think to attribute to birth control.  That is my level of sexual desire.  Lets just call it the level of how horny I am.  In the last week, it’s been seriously crazy.

Now I’m no prude.  I love a good roll around.  I have a pretty active imagination and I’m comfortable talking about it.  But this is extreme, even for me.  I catch myself considering the people around me I’ve never considered before, and shouldn’t consider.  I have to shake myself, and then go take care of myself.  I’m not usually so…randy!  I’m thinking it’s time to start dating again.  I wanted to wait at least a month to make sure these little pills are working, but I’m not sure I can.  Even now, sitting at my desk, writing this, I’m wondering if I should go onto POF and choose one of the guys who’s been talking to me, and just call him over.  Usually I would talk myself into a few dates first.  This could be dangerous.


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