Motivation Absense

So something happened.  I got sick 😦  lame, I know.  I had this terrible cough that just wouldn’t let me lay flat, which meant I couldn’t sleep… it was awful.

I can’t really beat myself for being sick.  I can however be troubled by the fact that I’m not sick anymore, but suddenly, for the first time in weeks, I’ve seen my motivation totally waver.  I mean like back to old habits wavering.  It’s kinda weird.  I was able to sort of easily avoid danger zones before, but now, my mind is somehow justifying things once more.  I’m still not 100% healthy, but I’m certainly at the point where I should be able to get back into it.

Dee tells me to shake it off.  Sit down, don’t get down, and tell myself that we’re just going to start again.  I haven’t slid back very far, so it’s not like starting from the beginning.  But I definitely haven’t made progress in almost two weeks now!  It’s a little disheartening when I was doing so extremely well before.  But I just need to take a breath, and realize that I can do that well again.

This is why you rarely hear that people lost consistently.  One month they do awesome, and another they don’t.  It’s ruined my average weight loss, but that doesn’t meant anything really.  It doesn’t matter if I lost the weight in record time or the slowest time.  The point is that I did lose it.  I am still loosing it.  At the end, it’s that final number that matters more than how long it took you to get there.

There, just writing that made me feel better.  I slid a little, and I can’t say the last two weeks were awesome.  But I can say that I’m capable now of continuing on.  I’m still capable of reaching my goals.  I have a long way to go, but there’s not reason why I can’t get there.  In fact, I have just as much opportunity today as I did a few weeks ago.  I just need to keep telling myself that.  I need to keep telling myself that I’m still capable.  I can still do this.  I’m still doing this.  Disheartening sections of time will happen.  We can’t let it get to us.

Hopefully tomorrow I can find my motivation once more.


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