Don’t argue with me

canucksHere is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I don’t really find myself angry all that often at just general things, but this one really gets under my skin.  People who argue without the slightest idea of what they’re arguing about.

Here’s the thing.  I’m a hockey fan.  Not a crazy ‘I’m going to marry Ryan Kesler’ hockey fan, but a real solid fan of the team.  I watch every game.  I keep up with what’s going on.  I have a jersey.  I watch and support the team even when we’re losing.  I liked the team before we went really far in the playoffs, and I didn’t lose my confidence in them when we sort of bombed the next few years.  Yes, I am a fan.  No, I don’t care if you’re not a fan.

Last night during the game, I mentioned an interested stat to my roommates son, who was there doing something else.  He started immediately ragging on Luongo.  Okay, one, don’t do that, second, don’t do that unless you have some solid reasons behind it.  It took me less then ten seconds to get him to admit he hadn’t watched a game in three years, and he blamed Luongo for every bad thing that had ever happend to the team.  Seriously?  Do people not realize that doing that makes you sound totally ignorant?

I’m all for having a good old fashioned argument about my team.  I don’t mind supporting them in all kinds of ways.  But I have no interest in arguing with people who simply want to be part of the argument, and read a few headlines and thing they understand what’s going on.

This doesn’t just end at hockey.  It just happens to be the most recent time it’s happened.  I mean this about everything.  Don’t argue with me about movies unless your opinion is backed up by reason.  Don’t tell me things about Vancouver you’ve never experienced.  Don’t tell me I don’t want to go to India because it smells bad, yet you’ve never been.  Second hand information does not make you an expert.  Don’t tell me how to diet if you’re a big person.  That’s not supposed to sound mean, but seriously, I’m not going to take your advice because if you follow it, it doesn’t work, and if you don’t, why would you be giving advice you don’t yourself take?

I’m never going to tell you this in the moment.  I’m going to nod, maybe say ‘ah-huh’, and change the subject pretty quickly.  I’m not going to be rude, but I will not engage.  It drives me crazy, and I refuse to be involved.

So here’s something for hockey ‘fans’ to consider when they start ragging on a team.

1.) It’s never just the goalies fault.  Never.

2.) Loyalty is not based on winning alone.  So take the stick out of your ass and give them a break.  If you’re only going to support a team while they’re winning, then keep your mouth shut because you’re an idiot.

3.) If you’ve never played sports before, you have no idea how hard it is to put everything you have into every game, every day.  If your favorite player has a bad day, it’s almost never, ever, because they’re slacking off.  Sometimes your body just won’t do what you tell it too.  You would know this, if you’d played any sport.

4.) Don’t pick fights with die hard fans.  Seriously, what are you trying to prove?  Are you trying to convert everyone to be half-assed fans like you?  You may think it’s fun to get under the skin of those who are loyal, but you come across as ignorant, you’re proving nothing except that you’re ignorant, and that fan will walk away hating the fact that ignorant fans exist at all.

5.) If you’re a band wagon hopper, just own it.  If you are, we don’t care.  But if you are and you pretend like they’re ‘your team’ and you’ve loved them forever, it’s easy to prove you’re wrong.  Just say you’re a new fan, and you think you’re going to be a fan a long time.  We respect that.  New fans are totally welcome.  Come aboard, we’ll show you the ropes.  Just don’t lie to us.

6.) Have a reason for your favorite player.  The fact the Ryan Kesler is cute does not cut it.  People look at my strangely when I say one of my favorite players is Tanev.  Why?  Because he’s solid, he’s hard working and he plays every game at 100%.  He’s there when we need him, and he doesn’t seem to care about the glory of it all.  I respect him.

7.) Don’t complain about ticket prices if this is your first game, or even second.  There are those of us who go a whole bunch, and we already know how expensive it is.  How about Google what ticket prices pay for, and understand why they’re that expensive.  Maybe you’ll realize it’s not just lining someones pockets, and you’ll shut up about it.

8.) I’m a Luongo fan.  Always have been.  During the Schneider vs Luongo dilemma, I said very respectfully that I think they’re both good goalies, but my preference is Lou.  I have absolutely no problems if you don’t agree, but if your argument is all negative things about Lou, and you failed to mention a single positive thing about Schneider, I’m not going to respect your opinion.  And here’s one thing, a major thing, that I want you to seriously think about when you say that Luongo is an overrated goalie.  Would he have made the Canadian Olympic team if that were true?  Remember, the Olympics are about winning the gold.  They’re not going to pick a goalie who’s not good, just because the politics tell them too.

I think that’s my entire rant for right now.  Arguments aren’t about winning, they’re about conflict.  And conflict based on reason is a really highly intense, exciting way to get into things.  Conflict based on ignorance is…nothing.  All it doesn’t is prove ignorance.

Now you’ve been told.


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