Work Clothes

business-clothes-11So this is one of those issues that you’re like ‘seriously?  You’re complaining about that?’  But here it goes.

Today was my first day back at work in two weeks.  In two weeks, I’ve slimmed down a good bit, I’m happy to say.  It didn’t occur to me until this morning that it might affect my clothes.  It took  me almost fifteen minutes of trying on outfits before I found one that fit.

Now I’m not complaining.  Well, it’s a little annoying, but I would much rather shrink out of my clothes then get too big for my clothes.  I’m seriously feeling great about this new development.  But the problem comes with the cost in altering or replacing those clothes.  Do I try, or do I just buy  new ones?  Should I just wear them for now because I don’t want to buy new clothes just to continue shrinking out of them?

I am all for showing of your slimmer body, but my personal style tends to be on the looser side anyway.  I like sweaters and dresses.  Maybe a good option is to continue a little baggier, which will hide your progress, until you’re at the place you want to be.  You may not get the constant ‘you look greats!’, but you’ll probably save some money in the long run.  It depends who you’re doing  this for.  Every day putting on smaller clothes can  be quite the motivator.  But I’m feeling slimmer even in my baggy clothes, and that means a huge amount to me.  I don’t care if my coworkers notice, not really, as they’re not who I’m looking to attract.  But I will say this.  It’s a huge amount of validation when the notice 🙂

I think the trick will be to find a balance.  There are things you need to buy as you’re slimming down.  Bra’s may be a big one.  But I’m not spending a bunch of money on ‘in-between’ bras.  Thankfully La Senza is having a bra blowout.  I can get some cheap ones until I settle into my shape.  A belt will help my jeans for a size, possibly two.  I may need to buy a new shirt or two, which I can do at H&M without breaking the bank.  That way I can still look put together at work, without getting frustrated in another couple of weeks when  nothing fits.

All the money I would have spent on my wardrobe, I’m going to put away.  When I’m the new, slimmer me, I’m going to splurge 🙂


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