remote control helicopters6Listen up guys.  Here’s a big secret.  Those little helicopters that you can remote fly around the house… they’re the most annoying piece of crap in the world.  They can be fun if we spend some time and play with it together, but if you fly it around for fifteen minutes every time it charges, driving us crazy, we will kick you in the nuts right after taking the helicopter and smashing it against whatever is closest.  Seriously, it’s not cool.

If you love those things, here’s the deal.  Once in awhile make it a game that we can both play.  Other times, wait until we’re out of the house.  And definitely, without a doubt, do not bring that thing out if we have friends over!!!  You will end up single.  Those stupid little helicopters are a deal breaker.

Here’s why.  You’re in the same room as us, but you’re blatantly saying that you’re not interested in spending time with us.  On top of that, you’re doing something that you know will annoy us.  It’s a double wammy.  You’re telling us you want us to leave.  Guess what, we will.  If we can, we’ll walk out that door and not come back.

Telling us it’ll only last 15 minutes does not help.  It’s 15 minutes of complete hell.  15 minutes of us literally wanting to shove it up… well, you get the point.  If you want your girl to stick around and not be completely enraged with you, be respectful enough to keep the helicopter for time when you’re alone.  Thank you.


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